ASUS ROG GL553VD FIX | Fan Issue, Gaming Center Crash, Disassembly

Hi Groundseekers Be happy when you found this video You probably have looking around to find solutions for your GL553VD but turns out with disatisfying results Here in this video i will reveal how to fix all issues happened to GL553VD, including Fan boost issue, where the sound is so loud and wasting battery like when you played the game, editing videos, or something related with graphics editing its fan will behave unnaturally and working at full performance cause the fan setting is auto so there's nothing you can do about it and about ordinary Gaming Center crash where installed software by its default is crashed when opened as they said "what's the point of having ROG but you can't open that supporting software" and the last one is upgrading its storage and memory to be clear, disassembling the GL553VD OK Firstly, gaming center crash how to fix it? It actually easy, you just need to update your Win 10 wait you're using genuine Win 10, don't you? 😀 so update your Win 10 to latest build, then you'll also need to update all drivers for Nvidia GeForce Experience make sure it's the latest after that you can start to uninstall the gaming center (download the new one from asus site) restart, and reinstall the software restart again, and after that you can try to open ROG Gaming Center I experienced this myself so I'm pretty sure this step will also work with yours 2nd is Fan Boost Issue this is the annoying part when you buy GL553VD (fy280 series) what I'm using here is fy280 series I'm choosing this because I'm going to upgrade GL553VD myself with fave hardwares i already decided before same as i mentioned before, update your Win 10 and Nvidia GeForce Experience after that you can do exactly the same like i did in this video open Start, type "power" choose power plan point at Balanced and choose Change Plan Settings choose Change Advanced Power Settings Let turn off hard disk after "20 minutes" for both mostly important is to change "Processor power management" part set your Maximum processor frequency to: 2800MHz on battery and 3700MHz on plugged in You might wondering why it should be like that so when you're using battery mode, it's impossible for you to play games at high performance 2800MHz is the actual power of this processor has 3800MHz is Turbo Boost feature (auto overclock) 3700MHz is best performance thou 3700 to 3800 makes no difference to me but definitely helps the fan and battery life on 2800MHz, its fan will stands on 2000+ until 3200 RPM the maximum fan speed is around 5100+++ the reason I'm doing this 3700MHz trick, system fan will only work around 4800-5000 RPM which i think you will save the fan life too not only that set Minimum processor state to 5% for both and set System cooling policy to "Passive" for both cause when you put it to active, that fan will automatically work depending on the way processor gets hot, even if we say it's only "warm" and the 2nd most important set Maximum processor state to 90% on battery, and 100% on Plugged in like I said before, even when you locate max proc frequency at 3700MHz (Plugged in) as long as you set 100% here (Plugged in) when you play any game and you make both processor and GPU to max trust me, there will be no fps count will wasted cause some articles only provide tips How to make GL553 stop doing full performance and not to do throttling things that's so wrong here I found that solutions after I updated my Win 10 to latest build because i did not found options this much on previous build now restart your GL553VD and you can prove yourself how it's changed I believe you changed your mind now (not to sell it) and loving back your GL553VD

AH HA HA OK the last one is how to disassembling it so we can upgrade new SSD, PCIE SSD, or RAM OK let's just start turn it upside down carefully with sharp objects under the laptop just want to make sure your laptop out of scratches what i need here is ordinary screwdriver also two little pointy-sharp-thing to open rubber on center requires quite high attention to open this rubber, guys now open all visible 10 screws and one hidden screw after the rubber released I already upgrade here, so I will only show you how to open it cause some of you probably afraid to disassembly without looking at video tutorial first but trust me, DIY will make you more confidence knowing your pal I didn't mean to say service centers are bad, but i do trust myself based on what i had on past It's quite dissapointing I was intend to upgrade internals but when I got it, it return scratched, or even screen/hinge problem so since years ago I decide to do it myself 🙂 the fact it's seriously easy enough, cause here you only upgrade its capacity no need to tear down all elements who knows by experiencing this, you can open your own service center 😀 these screws are having same length if you're using ultrabooks/zenbooks you may want to pay full attention because you will need to remember all screw position as those screws length are different now open the rubber on center carefully peal it meanwhile stick it somewhere you can see it ah yea, forgot to open the last screw OK how to release the door? rotate it to front speaker on the right side near speaker you will notice that there is a gap 1st time doing is hard, but you'll get used to it just push it with your nail or you may want to use card-like object next pull out each sides there, easy enough TADAAAAA speaking internals here is the speaker, left and right and this is SD card slot SSD PCIE slot is here and this is the battery Wi-Fi card the heat pipe is bronze without paint here i recommend Transcend square SSD 256GB capacity

I choose to use it instead NVME SSD because it's only 250GB OK what I'm going to show here only how to open the HDD just open 4 exist screws there careful with flex cables, guys I believe you don't want to mess with cables push it reverse against the SATA port take it out there will be more 4 screws before you can change it to new SSD just do the rest if you decide to use PCIE M-keyed type, you can attach it here they don't provide extra screw, so you must be prepared to have one done, just put it back just like before One thing to say guys, I'm not technician or even gadgets pro that understand so much about laptops I only know things by experience so let me know if we can share knowledges, write your comments please no need to judge me, I'm just trying to help here this is the RAM slot if you never seen this, please be careful come here, open it with attention pull back left and right lock with both of your thumbs take it out or if you want to add extra, just put it in but here's how to do it rotate out a little bit, and stick it to the port then push down both left and right side until it's clicked How to close it? Here just put the door correctly, but don't push it don't push it put back to it's normal position first then open the lid press all the sides push

as I do this is the safest way not breaking your laptop screen 🙂 I suggest you to close it after you check BIOS and see if the SSD/RAM are installed already so you don't waste your time that's the benefit buying fy280 version, you can save you pocket and choose which hardware you'd like to upgrade time by time OK, problems are cleared hopefully my video helps you a lot and if you like please don't forget to like, share and subscribe my channel I'll see you on another Groundseek video Caw

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