Hello, you ARSIK! Do you want to understand how to correctly choose accessories and make a perfect assembly PC? That's what I want to tell in this video We analyze every detail of the computer and I will tell how to avoid mistakes when buying

Go! Until all have realized that if you buy a computer, finished assembly of the store is a very large overpayment So it's cool and fun to pick up fully suitable computer for yourself while saving money I'll tell the example of the game assembly, because it is the most demanded It can do everything: and watch movies, and play games, and surf comfortably the Internet Let us arrange a quest, after watching video check components from the description and write whether all fit in a comment

The most important in the assembly of the computer is the CPU It depends on it almost all the power your PC The thing is, what processor is responsible for all calculations, so its performance should be enough, and even be slightly in excess with the future Here are the main options The higher the frequency the faster the processed data, and the number of nuclei allows to distribute load and improve the performance of the entire system

to disperse there are models with an unlocked multiplier, in the intel they are marked the letter k in the title A larger cache improves the performance of heavy modes For example, we chose intel core i7 6700 and we see that his lga 1151 socket is called Now you need to find a motherboard with a socket The size motherboard is not very important, so the most basic, what you should pay attention to it socket (processor type depends on it); a memory interface (quantity, type); video slots (number and type)

On the motherboard must be at least one slot for the graphics card PCI-E 30 is mandatory Also, if you have a processor under acceleration, it must support parent pay For our intel core i7 6700 is suitable motherboard ASUS B150 PRO GAMING / AURA RAM is nothing complicated

Now we need to buy from 8 to 16 gb Just take a look, that the motherboard supports In our case, it DDR4 memory at 2133 MHz So we seek it here 2 strips completely suitable for our requirements

kingston hyperx fury https://googl/EsUHaO Also, it is important that the processor is cooled sufficiently, This, too, there is nothing difficult Our processor socket lga 1151 and the typical heat dissipation 65W So we are looking for cooling with a reserve

Cooler Deepcool Gammaxx 200T is suitable for the socket and can dissipate 100W So everything fits https://googl/jZzpWy The computer worked and you could store data I need some storage Whether it hdd or ssd

I advice take on ssd 120gb and 1tb HDD to, that they connect through SATA interface that supports motherboard So your computer will run fast and this it will be possible to pump a lot of things As for the graphics card, you should choose what you and want to see the tests on the Internet do it very simple For example, select gtx 1060

In tests this card is good in games and for example suitable us budget, so it's all good If you do not need to play games on the computer, the video card need not In most graphics processors is now cope with all tasks and built fine except demanding games In order to connect our computer to the power outlet is required Power Supply It is necessary to determine the appropriate power supply unit

To do this you need only look at the recommendations For example, for gtx 1060, since it is in the computer It will consume the most energy, the manufacturer recommends that the power supply to 400 watt Add a little bit more and take 450 – 500 watt Even after you've decided on the components and accurately We picked them all to choose housing The most important thing in this case produvaemost appearance and size

About appearance is up to you, but produvaemost and size I help you Most importantly, to the body fit motherboard For example if the ATX motherboard, and the housing It should be suitable also if the CPU cooler high altitude, too, need to see that all climbed And another condition, this graphics card

Now they are their extremely long sizes are always indicated in the description and in the body, too, given to how long You can install the video card The main thing is that everything went well to each other Now you can get the quest from the description of which I I said at the beginning By the way I'm working on my website, which will be simple and correct designer computer if you want to see it then put Like and do not forget to subscribe Good luck to everyone, and yet!

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