Обновления биоса видеокарты ASUS GTX 1060

Hello dear friends! Are you Ivan And recently the company ASUS Add to your graphics card series support Dual silent mode Ie you will not be spinning fans before reaching a certain temperature I have the video card is 55 degrees As seen video temperature 45 degrees fans operate Zero percent Now to activate this mode you need to enter the site company ASUS go Hit products Card And choose your graphics card AMD or Nvidia is At Nvidia me Flipping down and look for your video card I 1060 to 3 gigabytes The main thing is not to confuse the version with factory overclocked and usually We go in the support tab Choosing the drivers and utilities Choose your operating system I have Windows 10 on a 64-bit We turn to the Utilities tab, And swing this file dual1060updatebios tool Download and open the Toss it on your desktop And opens as administrator Then you have a window will appear With confirmation We reaffirm I can not update, because I have it already updated After the upgrade, you simply reboot the system And you get a silent video card Thank you to all for now!

Source: Youtube