ASUS Echo allows you to operate mobile phones through voice Click ASUS Echo app icon to start the program, you can also press the bottom of the "Home", select the microphone icon to open the program Click the icon ASUS Echo Use your voice cameras and alarm clock Click the settings icon Check the "camera" to take pictures using voice commands, check the "clock" starts timekeeping ASUS Echo can also accept a number of voice instructions Say "open sesame" to call ASUS Echo When a voice command to start the "microphone" icon is blue Dial phone contacts To "open sesame" to start the microphone, and say "call (address book name)" dial Please say "Redial" to dial on a phone call again By voice call Let me talk about "Call" Besides the number to be dialed After starting the miking of "camera" command to activate the camera He said the camera function "camera" can shoot photos ASUS Echo switchable wireless network or Wi-Fi hotspot through a voice command; You can also adjust the volume and screen brightness Click the question mark icon in the lower right corner to display the common voice command operation Click the icon to select the lower left corner to set the program language, you can click the "Help" to see the full operation of voice commands

Source: Youtube