Asus K555UB-XO099D UEFI Windows 10 Kurulumu

Yes friends are coming to a computer these days you FreeDOS I will show you how to install Windows 10 First, we prepare our USB memory via software Rufus We attach our computer

Device Power (Power) and press the button And the Asus F2 Key Bios (Bios Key) are entering into with the bios We are coming to the boot tab in the bios screen Uefa has seen us directly here Philips usb memory We do not need anything else for that first saw him in the boot setting elleme We're out The computer resets itself

Uefa is already coming to the Asus logo So what does the manufacturer of its logo If you do not set out to Uefa Windows comes from its logo Yeah

Turkish selected as the language to be installed Now we come to the part load We will then enter the product key I do not have the product, we press the tab key Here we will set up Windows 10 Pro We will establish the x64 architecture so as to be 64-bit

Yes, we call forth I accept the license terms, we call forth saying Here we come to the custom tab Here we delete the first two Then a new saying, you can press if you want to be Diek apply a single disc C: / D: size you want by typing here You can write two disc-shaped

I will use two disc-shaped Yes, our drive was divided into two sections; One 540 GB, 390 Gb on the other, Also press the New button to immediately implement active call directly 4 part of our disk space will establish; ie C: We're starting forward, saying setup Yes friends installation is complete the device will restart itself in 10 seconds, Yes friends have made the installation of the devices successfully, After that we will open our and our already signed wifi password There is nothing else on my board in any way

See you

Source: Youtube