ASUS PadFone Infinity: Что еще может PadFone?

Hey, come here, you want to see the magic? What are you guys doing here? You should see it Look, look, look! Well, look at a pen, looking at the handle! Ready? Come on! How did you do this? I do not understand… Well, once again

You'll like it! Look at the chair, looking at the chair! Oh, God, this is amazing! I also want to try! Give me a try! Okay, wait Well, look! Wait, do not! Just look Do not do this Wait Hey, different documents! Oh my God! Guys, what are you doing here? Wait, what are you doing now? Seriously, what are you doing? It's not funny

Seriously, it is not funny! Okay, three, two, one Learn more at wwwasus

ru It's easy!

Source: Youtube