ASUS PadFone Infinity goes on sale in Singapore @ OCWorkbench

This is the brand new smartphone from ASUS the PadFone Infinity, It is going to be available from 1st June 2013 in Singapore Basically it is a 5" Smartphone with Full HD Resolution and it is 89mm thin within a metal housing It has got an awesome processor the Snapdragon S4 and has a 13 megapixel camera with flash light Which version of Android is it running on ? Yes it runs on Android 4

12 It is very smooth This is the padstation Basically you just slide in the smartphone The contents will be transferred to the tablet

Everything you see on the phone will be displayed on the tablet For example a video Now I am playing this video It is pretty small on a 5" screen If I want to show it to more people, it is not big enough Once I slide it into the pad, the display will be displayed on the 10 inches screen in Full HD and a star preview it again and you can see spots so i'm here today was somehow basis actually at the time basically himself albert c for student loans copy to dr dot please but i suppose this board personalities supports this single they support the white criminals and that is the most important what do you mean it was in the morning indecipherable there is any remember it was not with you warranty ah rated we're sending one hundred thousand wanted ignorant for but yes there's going to mean policies relying on my hand i could use basically it as far as i know i think he'll support the closing up okay opic a sport argue this we will see uh how but we're returning to

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