ASUS Padfone Infinity – MWC 2013 (Consumentenbond)

Asus continues to experiment with the conversion between ultrabooks, notebooks tablets as well as smartphones A year ago they introduced the Padfone Back there a version came and now we arrive at the Padfone Infinity The Padfone is a smartphone that you can slide a screen thus actually be a tablet I go on a can thus the battery life of pain may be granted if you insert the disc smartphone you can own too smart for load since you can not sharp enough or about twice as much as we did you just in the smartphone the cap has smartphones powerful enterprise Urban processes in the two gigabytes of memory that means repair The course enabled the battery 40 includes at hourly and therefore quite large for a phone with this screen diagonal he the screen of smartphones 15cm diameter of healing Netherlands May 20 1860 can call you as full hd Well and if you look require looking at the screen it looks at the all look really good super sharp and colors and can also be a nice forward but the expression of the text of the song was pretty good it's all not long typing the only bad the best white edge what is sharp but generally is well in hand he does not feel so heavy Yacht special office is going see it's kind brushed aluminum and 9 or generally not so good for hand reception with antennas and so it is said that there is always at the bottom of a piece of paper on edge and you it looks to fight it to this newspaper See also the sum of the phone such as the iPhone the question is whether he really good he picks for the receipt of know the phone man holds a certain way that Reception can worsen the signs and you can even lose your connection to the breeze knew that the text must Besides the brand you are also separately works is wood taken from Almere and that is an antenna for the nfc the extraction of this device the little final quarter effect So I will continue to do the money goes pretty quest than in the first model of many of the best cover was pretty even all but This is the omitted it works well the tablet itself indeed quite nicely finished very smooth very little additional groups choose freely are the starting point of thereby sticking Thus than the previous AP, the camera is again slightly larger than that can it looks like what stands out here running away is that lot 5 megapixels that seems a little bit The camera is actually much more elaborate megapixels That is because it is used to the detriment of the sensor 9 phones have the right to the government wants him to leave the landscape Houthi rebels button we can sit at iowa state where I make phone fashion much different to a but now we can like you megapixels her record if we want now agree density original and never been itself I think there is good because it means that the lottery is the same but some perks in his boat to choose multiple and friends frank showed The homescreen parties Of course this way you set up your own code a sort of screen in this proposal is already belongs when you're at work and again make another selection so now you can see the selection of women to use your work What is remarkable fact that these are more games but this phone does not bad and separating make the private affair of the church things like putting Some other phone currently sees In the heart of these tablets in this really just a phone what happens when you just call well in the first version of the iPhone when we realized that you can contact a pin the appliances and in this case they have just done so that if you get a call you can actually unused in part talks are men then you know what people around you one and if you want to play right away bash I go through phones calls with a new niedorp in hardware software city in other words, well I say together my first impression as a mark of a bloodhound on device because where somebody who has everything do not think he really declined over boring The more votes than divided breakdown for this amount two years still quite a lot solve good number of votes from black buyer might not quite top but child or two devices the evening is of course a bit of those devices and to Remember students who insist they so investors would know you were tricky the white spot all in one that in itself is quite different default tine still a little weird with

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