ASUS PadFone™ X mini

Introducing the all-new ASUS PadFone™ X mini A thin and lightweight smartphone and docking station in one, for a tablet-like experience

It runs on the Intel Atom 2560 16 GHz processor The ASUS PadFone™ X mini includes a 45" LTE smartphone that nests into a 7” docking station for a dynamic viewing experience With the perfect combination of technology and style, its ergonomic design fits right in your palm

Its unique DynamicDisplay technology seamlessly transitions Android™ apps, photos, videos, and browsing pages running on your smartphone to fit on the larger screen when docked You can capture beautiful images with the 5 MP PixelMaster camera, and use its 2 MP front facing camera for touchless selfies and group shots And its unique ASUS ZenUI™ simplifies your experience and connects you to people, data and information from virtually anywhere Features like What’s Next help you foresee upcoming events, and “Do It Later” lets you get back to tasks you started and were unable to finish For more available power on the go, the docking station has a battery that can re-charge the phone when it’s docked

Plus, its one stop storage keeps all of the data on the phone, so you don’t have to sync between devices The ASUS PadFone™ X mini, a thin and lightweight smartphone and docking station in one With unique DynamicDisplay technology Simplify your life with its ASUS ZenUI, get more beautiful pictures with its PixelMaster camera, and charge your smartphone when its docked With the ASUS PadFone X™ mini, you can choose the best screen size for your situation and switch between a smartphone and a tablet-like experience in a snap

The DynamicDisplay technology seamlessly transitions and resizes most apps to fit the larger screen For instance, on a call with a colleague and want to look over a document on a larger screen? No problem, you can continue your call by simply slipping the smartphone into the docking station Your apps will adjust to the new display and now you can look at your document and make edits on a large 7” display Do it all without interruption The ASUS ZenUI is new to the PadFone X mini

Providing a simplified experience that’s responsive and helps you organize your mobile life It features What’s Next, an app that helps you stay on top of your life and foresee upcoming events so you won’t miss an important date like a birthday or anniversary It also shows missed calls from your VIP list and shares weather updates Tap “What’s Next” in your apps tray, and tap the settings menu within the app to choose how you would like information displayed You can choose to have the widget appear on your lock screen

And it will pull information from your calendar, VIP list and even inform you how to dress for the weather And with Do It Later, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to do tasks you put off for another time Because all of the things you need to get done can be added to the app Simply open the “Do It Later” app from your apps tray; you can list your tasks by category or by putting them on an “All Tasks” list You can add due dates, reminder times, and level of importance – and Do It Later will remind you to get it done! With one single click, you can resume the task right where you left off

Enjoy the convenience of the ASUS PadFone™ X mini’s brilliant 5 MP PixelMaster camera, and experience the benefit of a larger screen to view images when you dock your smartphone The camera’s easy-to-use touch focus, lets you touch anywhere on the screen to change focal points And, use the volume key as a shutter button With Time Rewind, you don’t have to worry about missing the perfect picture Because Time Rewind starts shooting before you snap the shot and continues to take multiple shots when you press the shutter key

Once you take the picture you can choose which one’s best It’s time-travel photography! Simply tap ‘Mode’ from the Camera app and choose ‘Time Rewind’ Then, snap your picture You can either choose your favorite from the camera wheel or tap ‘Best’ and your camera will pick the best one for you And turn on Selfie Mode to take fabulous selfies of yourself or group shots with your friends from the higher resolution rear camera without having to press the shutter button

Select how many faces will be in the shot and the camera will recognize when all of the faces are in frame and snap the picture! And with Miniature Shot you can easily add a Tilt Shift effect to your shot, making it look like everything is miniature! You can add a layer of protection with the ASUS PadFone™ X mini Folio Bundle, designed to work together even when the phone is docked Both cases neatly fit into each other and protect the screens from scrapes, scratches and dents And the docking station TriCover is foldable at an angle optimized for watching movies or reading The ASUS PadFone™ X mini A portable smartphone and docking station in one for a tablet-like experience

With a 45” LTE smartphone and a 7” docking station It runs on Intel® Atom™ Z2560 16 GHz processor Enjoy a simple user experience with ASUS ZenUI™, and capture beautiful images with the 5 MP PixelMaster camera

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