ASUS presentará un nuevo Padfone en el Computex: Entrevista con Mr. Hank Wu, ASUS Country Manager

This year we are focused especially in our series Zenfone As you have seen in my presentation devices have different sizes from 4 "to 6", and Of course midyear show you another of our padfones, at Computex Taipei, but at MWC we wanted to show our determination to enter the market mobile telephony

We do not think about entering the market as a low-cost brand People know our Prices and know that we are a strong brand that sells laptops worldwide, in the field of motherboards have one of the best reputations and are the brand most awarded and therefore we want to keep that image We do not have that goal when it comes to pricing, but this issue depends on the strategy It comes from headquarters First, we believe that the screen size is related to the user's attitude We know that young people choose their terminals by the size of the screen and whenever they want larger but there is limited pocket size, screen size hand, therefore I think that this decision is also very relative

The second question on technical specifications, processor speed, RAM size and storage is relative to us because our philosophy is "Design Thinking" which means "to adapt the technology to the user" and we only focus on that Asus wants to propose all kinds of solutions for all needs Is your big bet for this year? Yes Intel has been a good partner for us for a long time, and we know that thanks technology Hyper-Threading Intel this year will have new processors targeted mobile technology, and according to tests conducted with people in real life, Intel performance meets the demand of what the user needs and even surpasses with quad-core processors Devices are expected to go on sale by mid-June or July, end of the second quarter

Although the price is yet to be determined and we will announce it officially later

Source: Youtube