ASUS ROG GL553VD | Gaming Laptop Review

Hi Guys Meet me again on Groundseek channel 🙂 This time I'm going to review Asus GL553VD Previously on another video I have decide to take Lenovo Y520 home instead of Asus GL553VD But the truth today, both of them are with me :p and it's not betrayal dude I just can't hold the feeling 😀 At first I was only looking around that day

Never knew that I got crush back to GL553VD^^ OK before I started it all, I'm pretty sure Y'all need to know what is the basic description of this unit Let's see on the left area As i said, the heat sink position is really annoying Maybe most bulk gaming laptop always put heat sink on left area? As i know so far, expensive laptops puts heat sink on the back area near display On front area we have SD Card port also two speaker, left and right Front-speaker laptops made by ROG are mostly produces satisfying quality of Treble and Bass Differently in Lenovo Y520, it produces much better soundstages Because of its Harman Kardon-DOLBY They DO cooperate very well So as it's DOLBY, you may want to use it morely on multimedia systems Like when you listening musics, movies, acoustics, something soft and calm

Definitely that was DOLBY doing but when we talk about gaming, ROG GL553VD actually does better sounds Back again, the right area If i have the chance (let's just say like that) to choose between the two and i PICK GL553VD Here are the things that become my considerations

of course people will choose better metal than Lenovo Y520's plastic body and Illuminating backlight of ROG surely a BIG PLUS so tempting 🙂 I don't like how it being very bulk following the heat problem caused by CPU throttling without reason and makes the battery dies so fast but i have found the cure to this and you can find it on another video It's a trick how to disable crazy-behaviour of ROG GL 553VD's fan speed There's also some complaint from most user about ROG Gaming Center that goes fatal crash everytime Don't worry, I have fixed it 🙂 Speaking the internals, it has STRIX logo, and barely-to-see ASUS logo also ROG eye on bottom right one more thing I don't like why do they paint the touchpad lines in red? why don't they just make it white? or maybe make it illuminated that pops like the RGB keyboard do? the power button not that special thou, very ordinary what Lenovo Y520's had was so sexy 😀 Maybe they think about our nationality AHA yea! They probably want to emphasize Indonesia's red and white color! 🙂 GL553VD now powered with a button to call ROG Gaming Center I don't see it on ASUS GL552VW You can find that 2016 generation of ROG on my video list Another good points against Lenovo Y520 is the Aura RGB Keyboard, guys as i mentioned before, if you looking for performance this Lenovo Y520 is powered with GTX 1050 Ti and this GL553VD use standard GTX 1050 of course Lenovo Y520 have the honour than GL553VD and you just go with Y520 but IF you love pride, like RGB Keyboard, illuminating backlight GL553VD is the winner Why don't you turn it on? LOL You right, i haven't turned it on ha ha ha As you can see here, Y520 keyboard only shines in red annnnd here on ROG 553TG eww why do i said TG? [SORRY ONLY INDONESIAN PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND THIS XD) In this case, RGB keyboard only available on GL553VD You guys can setup its appearance using ASUS software, codename: AURA You can change the colors to 4 steps from left to right, can also be one color, breathe or static Keyboard quality have no problem for me Just wondering why there is a mushy area around WASD key That's it? No more speciality? XD Ah, talking about screen It's daylight now, with a little bit cloudy Both are the same

The screen is not too dark, not bouncing either I can still see everything clearly Some article and videos said Y520 has daylight issue Sorry but for me that is false Y520 screen is perfect Perfectly perfect against GL553 that only uses TN Display which is having some color changing when you see side to side The webcam is also-so basic Outdoor is nice, but when indoor it has ghost effect for Graphic task and gaming, just leave it up to GL553VD everything works well Simple games like adventure, kids game, complex gaming like first person to beefy graphic requirements are smoothly played How bout a graphic battle? Here you can see fps difference between the two by playing the same games I tested "The Surge" on High custom settings (not Ultra) and both can play above average Strangely, ROG's fps are stable than Lenovo Y520 that changes all the time I think it's because i havent update Win 10 and GeForce Experience on Y520 while on GL553VD already done OK i hope this video helps to you whom looking Asus GL553VD or Lenovo Legion Y520 I believe this video will make you confident in making decision! or are you even more confused? 😛 Thanks for watching, don't forget to Like, Share and Subs TGS channel See You on another video!

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