ASUS Transformer 3 Pro, review en español

Hi, how are you welcome to Urban Tecno You already know me, I am Pablo Rosillo and last week I have been trying to the maximum a product to which you had much desire the truth, more after my good experience with the Surface Pro 4 of Microsoft

I'm actually talking about another product that is inspired by the idea of ​​Microsoft as it is this ASUS Transformer 3 Pro, a tablet, a convertible, an average medium in which many manufacturers have fixed and that without a doubt is being the sector that More grows and more attention demand as we have seen with the Yoga Book does very little or with rival of this model like the Making Switch Alpha 12, although that yes, it has gone a step further This Transformer is very, very much indeed in the Surface Pro 4 inspires First, in its design, with a metallic style with a matt finish darker than the model of Microsoft, and that although I like the style of Surface, it is difficult to find great differences, it is an exquisite product to be seen with him , definitely The back flap, hinge, call it "x" is exactly the same and it will allow us to recline the screen practically to 150-160 degrees, and it is precisely the quiz of this type of products, that we can put them in the position that we want and I assure you Which, again and as I said with the Yoga Book, is a format that I love and start to value even over laptops as compact as the Apple MacBook Of course, seen the experience of being able to remove the keyboard I like more than an anchored keyboard that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, in the style of what Lenovo proposes

Precisely keyboard ASUS is wonderful and has reached a level that really makes me wonder aside the use of laptops, but we'll see that not all situations and I love the system to detect when I'm using the keyboard and when not changing the interface to Windows or another A rather large touch pad, much like my 15 – inch notebook with all Windows 10 included gestures, fluid and responsive, great And the keyboard more of the same, well separated physical keys to which we accustomed to nothing else to begin to use it I will comment at the end in the final assessment, but that come integrated in any configuration of this Transformer 3 Pro, makes me opt lot for this model against Microsoft It comes with a included pen that may be interesting to draw or take notes from time to time although I have not noticed many differences with similar models, you could get to use it, but few will buy it for your pencil

The dimensions of the screen are the other most important section, and here ASUS also stands above the 12 to 123 inches from other brands With 126 inches, the screen feels great, very well optimized frames, colors, sharpness with a screen 880×1920 WQHD + 2, this panel is a scandal, and that strange note size when compared with the competition, and Better, thank you IN these dimensions I still do not recommend this product if you want to use it as a tablet to catch with one hand, to read for example the book style, for that smaller formats will always be better, but for everything else, ASUS has nailed it 

The accompanying sound really good, quite powerful volume, perhaps not up to Apple MacBook but very good companion series to watch movies and any type of content, no doubt Can I use this as my computer ASUS day, at least in terms of power? Reviewing its interior we find different configurations, among which is the model we have tested with an i5-6200U processor but we can also find an i7, 8GB of RAM in this case although there is also 16 and 128,256 or 512 GB of SSD, in this case is the median model As own computer we have to take into account the screen size, if we are of those people who are using an external monitor, perfect as this ASUS Transformer Pro features HDMI port, USB type C for charging but also as input Thunderbolt 3 and a port USB Precisely its most important differentiation is that it is possible to connect several high-power accessories, such as a dock that adds a huge number of ports so it can be used as a computer to use If you do not use it with a monitor, I would say that to work continuously on it is still something small and I think at least 15 inches are necessary

A level of performance and power, I used Photoshop and moves quite well, video editing is possible even if your integrated graphics is somewhat limited and not the best product for it although it may take us up the pieces, and navigation and media Of apps, perfect, smooth performance and fluid A level games, here it gets interesting, and again is that ASUS has thought of everything By itself it has a graph integrated in its processor, reason why we must forget to run powerful games of last generation from the minute 1 although ASUS allows to complete this equipment with a dedicated external graphic of great power to play to the best level to the games More powerful and edit video as a professional, all thanks to its Thunderbolt port That yes, is an extra that we must pay, of course Windows games shop 10 Store more focused on mobile and tablet, no problems, all we want, will really fluids

 A good performance for day to day even with some level of editing, but when we want to go a step further in gaming and professional we will no doubt have to make use of the external graphics A portable product has to be thought to live beyond plugging into a wall, although this Transformer Pro 3 is not the best candidate for best drummer of the year By playing video of youtube in full hd we can get between 5 and 6 hours of screen with average video, but best of all is that in just over an hour we will practically have loaded our equipment So to finish Do I recommend buying this ASUS Transformer 3 Pro? How do you position yourself in the market versus rivals? As always I leave you the links of all the products that I comment below in the description

As opposed to Microsoft's bet with Pro 4, I think ASUS is above in terms of technical features in almost any section, but the best thing is that its price always includes the keyboard, which Microsoft does not At the same level of configuration, the price of the asus is about 200-250 euros lower but also has options to add external graphics thanks to thunderbolt 3 something that Microsoft has not integrated and that can certainly mark the differences In front of rivals like Lenovo with its Miix 510 the resemblance is very reasonable, but both on the screen and to be able to include great caliber accessories I would be with the ASUS model before, while in front of the Acer Switch Alpha 12, I think this is a Model very interesting if you are clear that you do not want so much power and you want to save around 300-400 without losing too many benefits A product that along with its extras accessories can become an all in one incredible, now yes, you will have to see if the money outlay compared to a heavier laptop, ugly and less comfortable for any situation but more powerful you really are interesting

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