Asus Zenfone 3 Review (Bahasa Indonesia)

Subtitle by Venom ID (just look on Youtube) * Intro * Subtitle by Venom ID (just look at YouTube) It is one of the new HP from Asus and I've been using HP is approximately less than 2 weeks So this video is my experience and my opinion about this HP I would not say any details about HP's I'm just going to love you guys know some of the things I liked and some things I did not like from HP If you want to see full details about HP's specification please click there for full details or click on a link in the description field We started with Design I really like this HP DESIGN front and rear H (a) P (e) it Looks very symmetrical but I do not like about this HP is its Rear COVER formed of glass so when you touch with your hands traces of your hand it's very easy to plasticity, it can make its HP looks very dirty muking trace her hand was so obvious because I have a version of the SAPPHIRE BLACK but seharus his white if you have not too plasticity KOK HP's screen is Full HD IPS + DISPLAY with the size of 52 " This is quite bright and can still be seen even under sunlight and also his glass formed from CORNING GORILLA GLASS 4 Broken Glass is very difficult means I did some tests yesterday fall, intentional and unintentional and the screen as you see still OK Behind the hell just okay but anyway there are some scratches and below No cracking slightly cracked but it was not too plasticity if you do not want any scratches so yes wear protective kyk so I think HP has a pretty good endurance The phone is already fell from my hands, several times INTENTIONALLY and unintentionally well why unintentionally? because if you look at HP's 90% behind the front GLASS slippery Vrooh Battre think HP is also quite nice I venture out of my house without carrying Power Bank because I know battrenya not going to run out fast ngecas HPnya also pretty fast 49 Minutes was able to complete until 60% HP behind this there is a fingerprint scanner and honest My guess diawalnya not going to use this but now I can not do without it fingerprint scanner makes it very easy to unlock without using what pattern or what stay you lift your HP your finger right into place automatically situ so your HP directly open You can also 2 (x) Click Scanner His fingerprints to open the camera so you do not have to find camera app to the point tek-tek chek-ching take photos #BOOOM HP has one speaker section bottom right and these speakers honestly I really like Yesterday I brought kebandara and dibandara voice still sounded CLEAR So, according to my the speaker nice Subtitle by Venom ID (just look at YouTube) Venom ID VE NOM ID Subscribe Venom ID (FREE Kuy) and may you ask whether HP has Headphone Jack? HP uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 20 GHz and also use Adreno 506 graphics processor ie 35% more power efficient than the previous generation (ZENFONE 2) open and change the application in my opinion Quick passable and responsive and also play Game it very well but if you play the game too long His cell phone so a little heat Not hot! but warm But, I am a YouTuber I'm a Filmmaker I am the maker Video and for me The most important in HP that CAMERA his so how the camera ZENFONE 3 than I am speaking of the camera I just mending love clay kekalian the image quality can be produced by this camera So I'm now going to go to Brightspot Market and I will make sort VLOG using HP's HP's camera aja Let's go SUB TITLE by VENOM VENOM VENOM ID VENOM VENOM ID VENOM ID @richardanggian @ yorvanw @kevinkovanzolaa @ shabatya27 @venom_ind SUBSCRIBE YO VENOM ID * Footage * AG: (laughs) one thing I like about this camera The stability of the image was really smooth bangat though I walk just ordinary keliatannya still Woooh but the thing I dislike about this camera camera frequency UNDER EXSPOSE his Image- download time videos so it should be in CLICK Continue DYNAMIC RANGE This camera is according to me it is not good if you see between too dark or too light on top of it, can not both but yes understand HAPE (HP) Overall, I feel pretty good this HP HP's design makes HPnya plasticity is more expensive than the actual the speaker is nice, the performance is okay I think the camera's video hell is still lacking but that's probably because I use DSLR cameras habits But, pen-picture instability in conditions that favor very good overall I think this is HP's best to shop around * CREW CABIN * SUBSCRIBE VENOM ID SUPREME Hapsah EEVNXX * CLOSING * MY GREAT Hapsah AND UNTIL NEXT TIME STAY CLASSY SUBSCRIBE VENOM ID 🙂