asus zenfone 3 Z00AD z01b z01 hard reset z00l unlock pattern lock

welcome to my channel if you forgot your phone lock pattern lock,any other kind of lock or your phone is zenfone 3 is hanging laging or any other kind of software issue then you are at right place because today i am going to show you how to hard reset your zenfone 3 so what you have to do is you have to power off you asus zenfone 3 by pressing power button if you stack any where you can comment your quetions in comment box and this bypass your phone lock or solve any other kind of software issue so i you want to be updated with mobile tricks and tips subscribe to my channel so now you got asus zenfone 3 to eleminate problem my phone was is hanging at logo switch off your phone by pressing power button or you can remove your battery or long press power button so now press volume down and power button untill asus logo comes when asus logo comes leav power button but keep pressing volume down button now this will show recovery menu in your asus screan and you have to select wipe data factory reset by scrolling down with volume down button and select using power button and this will again ask for cinformation select yes now this will delete all user data in your asus zenfone 3 and will start formating in your phone so select reboot system now this will takwe quite time to start your phone as it is starting for first time so untill your asus starts like my video if it resolves your problem or helps you comment your questions if you have any doubts and problem for hard reseting this video now my phone is sarting and it will take more time as it use too so now my zemfone 3 is recovered zenfone 3 was hanging at logo and now it is started so subscribre to my channel for more updates and videos what are you waiting for subscribe to my channel

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