Google Drive: Asus Padfone

Hi My name is Magnus

I work for the Google Drive team We're going to look at the Google Drive integration for the ASUS PadFone device which allows you to search in Google Drive and it also incorporates the Realtime API Let's have a look In my opinion, the Google Drive API provides the most basic function of all: Search And the most basic function, Search, is what Google does best

At a time when more and more data is in the cloud, I still think that Search is the easiest and most intuitive function to use It also offers the ability to upload whole folders This may seem like something basic, but not every cloud service has this function Google Drive also provides a Realtime API that makes it easy for our design team to facilitate collaboration, allowing many individuals to edit a single document simultaneously For me, Google Drive is more like a cloud integration service system than an ordinary cloud storage service

Before I give you the reasons why we choose Google Drive to co-operate with, let me share with you our criteria for choosing components and partners from a product manager point of view There are three criteria, number one is quality For every component that goes into the device, it should be of high and premium quality no matter if it's the CPU, the chipset, the software, the firmware or the services These should all be of high quality So we choose Google Drive for its most important trait: quality

The second part is the ease of use It is very important for us to think and to act like a user The integration of Gmail, calendar, Picasa and all other Google services really gives the user true benefit and it is very user friendly So we choose Google Drive for the second reason, user-friendliness Now comes the third part

When we make any device, we want to have innovation In ASUS we always are thinking about what other, better way there is to finish the daily tasks of ordinary people, how a device can help people So, PadFone together with Google Drive means you can have a very easy way of finishing almost 99% of what you do on the web or on the go

Source: Youtube