Notebook Asus X555LF Intel Core i5 8GB 1TB LED 15,6

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Let's see if this product is right for you? Look that! This notebook from Asus comes with optimal settings To get the Intel Core i5 processor 5th generation, it uses very good energy, being fast when you need to open heavy programs and saving when the work is light In addition, 8GB of RAM helps you in those hours you have to make several things at once, you know? Updating social networking, listening to music on Deezer and still keep an eye on chat Skype! And there's more! With a dedicated video card 2GB you enjoy various games with great graphics resolution Another advantage is watching movies in high resolution and without getting locking Very good, right people? Speaking of movies, the 15

6 "screen is great time to watch videos, and still has one more little surprise! It comes with a technology that displays bright, realistic colors according to the content you're watching and gives you options to let all your way Good right? Ah! For fun is complete, the sound gains highlighted and also comes with a feature that enhances the audio I loved it! And you know what I found really cool? Can you do it all without worrying about the heat note holding you back, okay? This is thanks to the design and the technology that keeps typing comfortable and does not compromise the device performance Not to mention it too hard longer saw ?! Enjoy and get the extended warranty, which guarantees the repair or even exchange your product if it is defective after the factory warranty period And then like it? I have helped! So, good bargain!

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