Smartphone Asus ZenFone 3 64GB Dual Chip 4G Câm. 16MP + Selfie 8MP Tela 5,5

Hi, I'm Lu I'm here to help you make the best purchase

Let's see if this product is right for you? Look that! People! Come and meet the Zenfone 3, and see how it was neat And you know what I found really cool? Besides different colors to choose from, his finishing is all glass This leaves the device a charm just saw? Now take a look at that big screen of 55 " She is tough and has Full HD resolution with IPS technology, which brings brightness and colors alive even when the scene is very moving

Great news for those who enjoy games, videos YouTube and that there is no update social networks And give to do it all quickly Thanks to the processor which is great! Ah! And if you are selfie fan, you'll love the front camera has 8MP and wider angle In other words, you can call the whole family to say x Now, look at that cool the rear camera

Even up close you realize that the images are not grainy, maintaining quality in the details And there's more! It comes with technology that leaves the blurry pictures Or videos, saw? Which, incidentally, can be recorded in 4K resolution! There, people, is to have fun without worrying about space to store your files That because that Zenfone 3 has 64GB of memory And still can increase to 2TB with a card micro SD, okay? It is to lose count of how much to give store

Only photo by example, it would be over 600,000 Quite something, is not it? Oh, and to finish, this model also has a novelty! The digital reader that unlocks the phone quickly! Practical, right? Enjoy and get the extended warranty, which guarantees the repair or even exchange your product if it is defective after the factory warranty period And then like it? I have helped! So, good bargain!

Source: Youtube