[Tutorial]How to install Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat on your Padfone 2!

Hi, today I'm going to show you how you Android installed on your PadFone 2 44

2 It was released about a week ago for this device We can see her, I have already installed it Many people have problems with the installation, so I'll show you how it's done You open your web browser, go to asus

com, click on "Products", then "PadFones" and then "PadFone 2" Then go to "Service & Support" Then click on "Driver and Utility" Now "Android" select, because it's an update to Android After that, click on "Firmware" and then see different firmware for different regions Now you have to find the appropriate firmware

If their European lives, then selects the "WWE" version, but you can also just on your PadFone find out: Go to "Settings", "About", "Software Information" are under the item "build number" the letters that you need For me it is "WW" for "WWE" is meant Now selects her your version and download them The update is about 900 MB in size

If you have downloaded the update you are going to your download folder and unzip the file eg on your desktop When you unzip the file, you'll get a folder named "ASUS" You copy the folder, then go to the internal memory of your PadFones (it must be connected) Now you copied to there (Ctrl + V) folder I have already done that It should open a window of Windows that copying shows After the folder is copied to the internal memory, your PadFone restarts

If nothing happens, disconnects from the computer and restarts it again Then, a message should be in the notification bar that says "update found" or something like that Then you click on it and another message will appear, stating that her PadFone should connect to the PC with a low battery level Then the update takes about 10 minutes to install Meanwhile, device will restart several times Makes a backup of your data on the device because with the fix everything will be deleted! After the update, you see this fast and fresh version of Android I find them very good

That's about the most important thing Sorry for the poor video quality, but it is filmed with the iPod But it should be good enough to show you how to install the update If you still have questions, they wrote in the comments, I will answer you! I hope you have fun with your PadFone, it's a great device and it is even better with the new version! Thanks for watching and see you next time!

Source: Youtube