ZenFone 3 Max: ASUS mette, ASUS toglie.

Hi, I hope you hear me most of the cars However, location a bit 'particular a video a bit 'special: a video will be a bit' to Galeazzi, say so

an experiment I want to do it a few days ago, ASUS has sent me a ZenFone 3 Max This is the beginning of a video that I wanted to post a few days ago, in which I showed him how he copes the ZenFone 3 Max in a long stressful day Sin that during the test, the first ASUS, whose main feature should be the optimal energy management, has left me in mid-afternoon with sun screen 245h active This has left me quite thrilled, because with the hours of screen grandfather Max ZenFone on were almost always more than 10 and you came to cover even two full days of intensive use

Despite this result, however, I have still given a vote of 8 to 10 to the battery Eh, well, if you want to know why, discover it after the intro! I will remember that in the description there are all links, including ones to follow me on various social as Instagram, Facebook, etc, give them a look That said, before moving on to the interesting parts, see the package quickly and some technical data In addition to the phone and the usual manuals, We find box of good workmanship headphones, 2A charger and a cable with functionality OTG through which we can charge other devices

The quality of the smartphone itself is quite good The look is decidedly improved compared to the older generation and, to an all-glass front, contrasts with the aluminum of the back cover that gives a sense of elegance and robustness also thanks to the complete absence of crunches It is here that we find behind a reader fingerprint, in my opinion a bit 'too recessed and therefore require enough pressure to unlock the terminal, but precise and fast On the back it is positioned a 13 MP camera with LED flash, while on the sides, as well to classic power button and the volume rocker, which is housed a trolley It can accommodate two Micro SIM or a Micro SIM card and a Micro SD to expand the memory internal Returning to the front, in addition to the sensors and speaker for calls, there is a front facing camera and a powerful notification LED and clearly visible

Two not too bright spots are represented the speaker and the touch The first, already has her not much powerful, It is in a position a little 'unhappy and when the device is on a smooth surface the sound will be more than a little muffled, the second is not very responsive Let's be clear, it is not bad and takes the normal touches without problems, but often when you write or perform actions requiring many taps in quick succession, you have to apply more pressure because otherwise you might lose someone After removing this, the 52 "HD screen displays well the colors and blacks, the whites are slightly pink but it is something barely noticeable

Also with regard to the software there was a small step forward compared the ZenFone Max Here ZenUI, updated to version 30, Marshmallow has as basic and everything runs smooth (thanks especially of RAM which we will be discussed in a moment) allowing us to better appreciate the many customizations provided by the manufacturer Unfortunately, the dozens of preinstalled apps They remain and weigh down the whole; you can remove some, but most of you will have keep them while not using them From mention the one-handed mode, accessible via a double tap on the home button, which allows you to safely use the device despite its not exactly small

In any case, as always, a complete focus on ZenUI can be found in the description Turning to the camera, where settings serve, they have been removed Ahh, ASUS The software has been lightened and fact Now there are no more modes such as depth of field and Thumbnail that sometimes They could come in handy Although the focus is slightly worse compared to the first generation going from 2 to 2

2, but in terms of yield not one becomes almost account of this change, in fact, manage photos in low light It feels even better and the noise is not so excessive as you might wait An issue that, in my opinion, afflicting Room of many ASUS products is the high contrast, especially visible with good lighting conditions, but other than that the final quality is good, the macro can capture well enough the details and videos are appreciable Nothing in particular instead with regard to the front chamber, except that due to improvements you can enjoy the face to resemble the porcelain dolls Eh, bo, everyone takes their time as best prefer no? But now we come to the performance Do you remember what I said in the review of the ZenFone Max? ASUS, you have created a good device, really good, why the heck do not you put 3 GB RAM and an octa-core processor that would have made him great? Well, they have listened! That is, surely Mr ASUS personally went to see the My video said "Mmm, this guy knows a lot, do as he says"

And indeed They put 3 GB of RAM! The processor is quad-core, but a step at a time 3 GB which allow a control of the app much better; performances are certainly not perfect, but there is no lag and jamming They are reduced to a minimum In addition, the tool can come in handy Super integrated booster in the Mobile Management that deals to ease the memory closing the heaviest processes This feature is also integrated in the Game Genie, a tool that overlays appear when you play and it will also allow to record and share your gaming session Finally, we come to what should be the strong point of the smartphone: the battery

During the offending day that made me record so low autonomy that at the beginning of the video, I had to record a short film (an external channel thing) and everything had to go something like this Ok, now I do not know what will feel crazy because there is a noise, but it is here which must be registered the "short" in the sense that there is a waterfall and creates a lot of ambient noise which is what I need So, in fact, we now We prepare the equipment and put him on a tripod to record all behind scenes, at least an hour / hour and a half of recording, so we will see how he would manage Here, it was 3 in the afternoon and the charge was 80%; at 5, after two hours spent to register, had arrived at 7 However, this proved to be (thankfully) an isolated case and in the following weeks I have seen in fact that the management Energy was not so bad

With an average use I reached several times two full days with 7 hours of active screen and in the end, also generating stress, we evening I arrived almost always quietly with 5/6 hours of on screen So, nothing to do with the first Max who, as mentioned, he came to get very different results, but overall he did not as bad as I feared in the first days Therefore, it is a phone that in some ways I liked it, for others, eh Performance is not great, but given the price of about 180 €, are more than good And the device in general is not bad: at last no more cover in plastic creaking and a fairly premium design But the touch non-reactive can be annoying and the battery capacity is a slight step back In short, ASUS puts, ASUS takes off Overall you get a smartphone maybe better balanced, but partially lost the phenomenal energy management that sometimes I he did appreciate the older generation

In fact, if you have the first, in my opinion, not worth making the switch, if you arrive from the other and you want a cheap device but at the same time with good features and good battery life, then it is to be taken into account Perfect, I have nothing to add except that the likes, comments and shares They are always nice because they help the channel grow Do not forget to subscribe and activate either the bell to stay current on new video and we'll see you next Saturday, hello everyone!

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