ZenHOW: How to take time-lapse video on a ZenFone 3 Max | ASUS

hi I'm Marcus and welcome to another episode of ZenHow now my girlfriend's birthday is coming soon and I know she really loves flowers so here's one of the biggest flower markets in Taipei Now her favorite the water lily, these flowers are diurnal which means they open during the morning and closed at night, Let's go and get a bunch

I don't normally mix business with pleasure but since we have these interesting flowers Let's do a little test before I hand them over and here is my new ZenFone 3 Max It's a real beast packed with ma 4100 mili Amph battery That delivers up to 38 days standby time It has much battery life that i can double the power bank The ZenFone 3 Max incredible 16-megapixel camera loaded with powerful modes to fit the needs of different situation like 64 mega pixels Superesolution mode, HDR mode Beautification mode, Low light mode time-lapse mode and many more I guess you already know where I'm getting to so let's take these lilies somewhere and try macro time-lapse shot of opening and closing so we're here at Spaced Out this is a new creative space that's just opened up in Taipei, a place where local and international artists come and share their work and ideas Let's go get set it up first we'll go to the camera menu, Select manual focus, then we'll slide the focus down to macro it's all about getting close take a look at how to the shot is

we want to set up a time lapse Before start make sure that your phone is fully charged and you have enough space to store your images When shooting time-lapse essential to keep the phone steady ZenFone 3 Max has a built in electronic stabilizers that keep the videos steady For time lapse that goes for many hours, we're still gonna need a tripod alright so now we enter the time-lapse mode and make sure we're recording and Full HD next we'll select the interval between shots for fast-moving subjects like cars i suggest using a small interval of about one or two seconds but because I subject of slow-moving we're going to be selecting five-second intervals ok so we're all set the final story on the tripod and press record and slide the icon down the power saving mode the phone is all set up let's leave it recording and come back a little bit later and check it out the phone is still running and after about six hours of continuous shooting we still have battery left let's check out the footage Here are some other time lapse footage shot with ZenFone 3 Max That was a pretty impressive results of today's episode i hope you enjoyed it as much as we did don't forget to leave us a comment below, send us your own time-lapse check us out for the next ZenHOW

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