ТОП 5 МОНИТОРОВ к ПК / Какой и как выбрать AOC, ASUS, ACER, BenQ, LG / Купить монитор с IPS и HDMI?

Hello, you ARSIK! Today we talk on a very interesting topic – about monitors In this video I will show you the most excellent 7 for Monica PC, which I took in 5 categories from cheap to more expensive

They are from different manufacturers, with different diagonals and different price Also tell what you should pay attention to who knows, maybe you will like some of them and you want to buy drove! The first category of the budget and quality monitors opens Acer Monitor with TFT IPS matrix and a diagonal of 215

Its main advantages is not a high price, excellent color reproduction and Full HD resolution Personally, I would not take this, just because of the small diagonal, and so a good decision with a response time 6ms and a large viewing angle of 178 degrees from all directions Also in this category, I took another inexpensive monitor by BenQ Its characteristics are almost identical to the previous one, but he has a little worse contrast With viewing angles all the same

I like it more because of faster response 5ms and it built-in power supply that is not disturb you Both monitors can be adjusted for tilt and their frequency change pictures 60Hz By the way I have this same benq, only instead of a diagonal of 235 215, and I really like it! Now the second category with larger monitors diagonals, respectively, which are slightly more expensive

Here DELL with a superb design Its diagonal of 23 inches and a response time of 6 milliseconds With all the viewing angles and 178 * and full hd resolution with 60Hz He has a high contrast that makes a very good picture Also managed to cram it in stereo speakers

A second monitor from Samsung, will be more interesting for games Its diagonal half over and he can show off 75Hz at 4ms delay That is, for games if you have a good graphics card Monitor will issue a 75 fps and a resolution of 1920 by 1080 He also has a curved and that will give a little better immersion in the game In general, the Samsung fellows, do great Monitors with the low price

Thus, the third category with a diagonal of 27 inches It opens the monitor from AOC producer This again is a good Monica fullHD resolution It also has stereo speakers and a built-in power supply It can also boast of its high contrast and a refresh rate of 75Hz frame

Delay it just 4ms and HDMI inputs in addition there are more steep Display Port Fourth category is wide 25 inch monitor by LG 2560 by 1080 pixels Its steepest Unlike other is of course the same ultra widw resolution, and even anti-reflective coating, which will help you to see an excellent picture on the monitor even in the brightest time of day Such features were not in the previous screens And fifth category is exactly the same screen, with only 29-inch

It has all the same as in the past but it is more, it is a response 5ms, frame refresh rate is 75Hz and at least very best UHD resolution Believe me on such a pleasure to play Monica as you get more experience of what happening on the screen I did not include in this collection super expensive gamer monitors 70, maybe 100 thousand, because the a lot of money, and in most, the computer itself not worth much In general, I hope that you looked this video good humor and Like Links to all the soc

network, and the rest of my monitors I left in the description If you like my videos subscribe and then press on the bell to be aware of the most interesting With you was ARSIK, all good luck and Bye!

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