6. How to start WordPress installed on your Laptop

In this lecture I am going to show you, how to start the offline WordPress installation in your PC using Xampp control panel Open Xampp and then click on start button, that is next to apache module

Then click start button that is next My SQL module Then open your browser and type ‘localhost/wp’ Here the ‘wp’ represents my WordPress installation folder name If you have installed your WordPress in some other location, enter that location exactly Then press enter key to open your WordPress website Once your WordPress website has got opened, you can click login under the Meta side bar to login into the WordPress dashboard After entering the username and password, tick remember me and click login

So that you need not enter your credentials for up to 14 days Once the dashboard has got opened, you may bookmark this URL by pressing ctrl+d or click star if you are in Google chrome So that you need not type the entire URL every now and then to login into your WordPress dashboard

Source: Youtube