7. How to Install WordPress in your Laptop

In this lecture we are going to install WordPress but as I said in previous lecture before installing WordPress, we need a database so on the XAMPP control panel, in the My SQL section, click the admin button then a new browser window in your default browser will automatically open with the phpMyAdmin interface Click 'Databases' button on top left, then you will be prompted to create a new Database It's a general practice to name the WordPress Database as WP, so enter the database name as WP then click create and close the window this is the most important step in this tutorial, we have to download the latest version of WorPress go to WordPressorg/download here you can download the latest version of WordPress in a zip format in order to get the WordPress running, unzip WordPress zip into the right folder Go to the XAMPP installation folder on your computer and open htdocs folder if you have installed in the default path then the location is C:xampphtdocs d o c s Unzip wordpress into its own folder and rename it to whatever you wish one option is to keep the same name as SQL database, that we have created recently So rename it to WP Open WordPress folder and find wp-config-sample

php rename the file to wp-configphp simply you should remove the word sample and the hiphen associated with it now open the file in notepad and find for these lines here you have to define the db name ie database name, db user ie

user name db password ie the database password and finally db host or local host We need to replace the database name with 'WP', username with 'root' and leave the password empty or blank then save the file and close it Now open your browser I'm using Chrome browser then go to http://localhost/wp/ you should see the welcome screen for the famous 5 minutes WodPress installation process Give a title to our new eCommerce WordPress website I'm naming it as udemy eCommerce site Enter any username as you wish Enter any username as you wish Then enter any username, password and your email Also you can tick, 'allow search engines to index this site' then allow WordPress installer to install WordPress Our new WordPress installation is successfully completed in our PC We can use it for further learning

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