ASUS ROG Spatha | High End Gaming Mouse Review!

Hello and welcome to the show My name is Alex and this is TechFlow

Today we're doing an old-fashioned mouse review; computer mouse review This is the ROG Spatha Let's do this! So this is a high quality mouse, top-of-the-range mouse but first, let's go over what we get in the box In the box you get the manual, you get a docking station for charging and receiving the mouse's signal You get a braided cable to connect the docking station to the computer or, if you preferred wired mode, you can connect that said cable to the mouse, connect it straight to your computer and have a wired mouse experience

Please note: This is a micro USB cable so you can use any micro USB cable; you don't have to use the one that's provided A really nice carrying case to fit everything inside and the mouse itself Right, so right off the bat this mouse has got an 8200 DPI sensor which works the same in wired and wireless mode It's an exclusively right handed mouse which features 12 programmable buttons with 6 easy access thumb buttons for MMO type games with this cool, like, glowing shape on the side of the mouse which makes it really stand out But before we get into the performance and all the specs, let's talk about the looks and usability

The mouse is as big as it is beautiful The RGB customisation is incredible With swooping modes, flashing modes, status indication modes and you can also sync all three areas So you've got the actual scroll wheel itself, the ROG logo and the six programmable buttons on the side You can have all of those different colours and all of them in different modes or you can sync them all together if you'd like

Customisation is a big hit with this mouse It could fit with any set up The docking station has magnets in it to keep the mouse in place I found myself blu-tacking the dock to the desk to keep it in place so that all I'd have to do is just come over and drop my mouse on it and then when I wanted to pick the mouse up, the docking station would stay on the desk The whole mouse feels amazing to use thanks to its sturdy magnesium alloy chassis

This mouse is definitely on the larger side though so if you've got large hands this is going to be great for you Obviously right hand only Works for me: I'm left handed but I use my mouse with my right hand anyway and it's like a claw type grip mouse mainly Inside the mouse we've got a 2000 Hz USB polling rate in wired mode and the previously mentioned 8200 DPI sensor and its 125 mm lift off distance Now the software is what makes this mouse come alive: The utility engine software

Once you have loaded up the software, you can clearly see that this is where everything goes on The mouse has actually got in-built flash memory so you can store profiles to the mouse and then take the mouse elsewhere and still have those profiles available to you It can remember your profiles on the actual mouse Now I really don't know if this is just my software or my experience; I've got everything updated and I hope that they're going to bring out an update soon but my software at the moment is super laggy and super glitchy and sometimes when I click "apply" it just doesn't do anything It just does the absolute opposite of what I've told it to do

Hopefully, an update can sort this But let's go through what you can actually do in the software You can change the DPI, the polling rate, the lift off distance, the lighting effects – everything! Even in wireless mode this mouse is capable of a 1000 Hz polling rate (2000 Hz in wired) You can also calibrate the mouse to your surface and there's also preset mouse mats available for you to choose from And the macro system is, well, like any normal macro system: you can map it to any key on your keyboard and also get it to launch programs and open up Windows controls like Windows media controls, volume skip, play, pause your Spotify or your media player on your computer

Macros are pretty standard Now, how's the battery life with this mouse? It's my major gripe with it actually You can set it, right, so that the LEDs flash when the mouse is at, like, 10%, 20%, 30%; you can specify when it starts flashing I don't even get to that flashing stage – my mouse, I think it's just constantly on; I think I've got a setting wrong somewhere but it just, I always have to have it on charge for some reason I don't know if it's a problem with my software but I'm having a load of problems with it

I'm sure there's a standby feature and it's turned on but my mouse just doesn't seem to turn itself off: it always seem to be, like, there, awake all of the time and it just rinses the battery and I find myself having to go and grab my micro USB cable to actually use my computer; use the mouse to plug it in to charge it whilst I'm using it And then once it's charged, I can, you know, use it wirelessly again but I just find that the battery life goes on this thing super quick and it's not putting itself into standby mode This is just my experience – hopefully, it won't be yours But, other than that, I think it's an absolutely gorgeous mouse For me, anyway, I have quite large, quite broad hands, I have a claw type grip, I'm right handed, I've got all those MMO buttons for when I'm playing League of Legends

The lighting customization matches my Corsair keyboard; in my case I have an RGB Rapid Fire; I can have the same lighting effect which is really cool If it weren't for the battery life, it would be an awesome mouse but, unfortunately, the battery life, just, for me, is just not giving me enough time to use my mouse It's just really not And it's a shame really because I really enjoy using it I'm hoping that that's just my experience though

A lot of people have seen the mouse on my desk and asked for a little, short review of it so that was my thoughts of the mouse If you have any questions, drop them in the comments section down below but for now: My name's been Alex, this has been TechFlow and we'll catch you in the next one

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