Asus RT-AC68U Wireless-AC1900 Dual band Gigabit Router Unboxing

Hey everyone, Cliff here and today I’m going to be unboxing the Asus RT-AC68U Wireless router Usually at this point in the video we talk about the product features, but I’m very eager to open this box so let’s get started

So it’s just a black box with some product images on it, there are also some blue accents, product features printed on the sides, so just an ordinary product box nothing special Let’s remove the wrap that’s around the box Throw that away Not needed anymore Let’s open the box, this away

So we’re pulling out another white box Turn this around, look at the other side and this is how it opens So the first thing I see is a having trouble call us pamphlet, the router itself It’s huge, it’s huge, this thing is big We’ll take a better look at it later

Let’s put it aside, also the 3 detachable antennas, a VIP member warranty notice from Asus A support CD, a manual, quick start guide A very thick quick start guide, oh because it’s in a lot of languages This is the AC adapter for the router and an RJ45 cable Let’s pull it out of its packaging, it’s black

Let’s see if there’s anything else in the box, no, that’s it Now let’s put this aside So let’s take a better look at the router itself, let’s look at the at the sides first On the side, on the right side we have a WIFI on/off button so you can turn the wifi on and off, a WPS button On the back there’s a reset button right here, there’s an on/off button, a DC in port, a USB 2

0 and a USB 30 port, the WAN port and the 4 LAN ports, there’s also an LED on/off button and that’s for the indicator LEDs on the front There’s 1 for every one of the 4 LAN ports, one for the internet, one for the USB 30 port and also one for the USB 20 port

There are also indicator lights for the 24GHz frequency and 5GHz frequency and you can also tell if the unit is on by looking at the indicator light for the wireless router On the top we find the 3 jacks where the detachable antennas get attached to, those are on top You just screw them right in Like so and they’re adjustable, adjustable like that

Plug this in the DC in port and that’s it That was it for this unboxing of the RT-AC68U Dual Band 3×3 Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit Router from Asus, like this video if you liked it, dislike it if you didn’t Leave a comment below, let me know what type of router do you use, are you still on those N routers you should upgrade There are links in the video description to where you can buy this so if you’re interested go ahead and follow those links, but remember to subscribe to the HimHerChannel for more videos like this, see you in the next one peace

Source: Youtube