ASUS UX490UA-XS74-BL 14-Inch Zenbook 3 Deluxe Notebook Review

we're big fans of ultra portables and a Seuss's new KB Lake laptop is trying to redefine the market with a seventh gen CPU and a luxury look so does the Zen book 3 have beauty and brains let's find out first the Zen book line is for a Seuss's premium consumer devices while Republic of gamers takes over gaming duty the Zen book 3 is a super slim competitor to the MacBook not the pro not the heir but the regular MacBook see that single USBC port yeah Asus is going right up against Apple now let's talk looks this model is called the royal blue with gold accents and it's clearly styled for yachting with Ralph Lauren Lauren Lauren let's put it this way if you know how to pronounce it this could be the laptop for you we're not exactly the yachting type but we'll you to appreciate how Asus really brought a new touch to the traditional silver or black laptops and even though we're not cable knit sweater types we actually liked how this look you can also get it in quartz gray or rose but we'd love to see even more color options that aren't made for the Nordstrom crowd the Zenbook 3 is light weighing in at a way fish 2 pounds we like the Zenbook threes keyboard it's not the best reviews but the key wit makes it easy to type and it feels pretty good there's an optional backlight and though it was probably meant to be gold it's really a darkest yellow still though it looks unique and their fingers definitely felt the blade even at night the model we've got here is a fingerprint scanner to quickly unlock the laptop the placement on the trackpad is a little odd but some of us like the added security the full HD display aka 1920 by 1080 has a layer of Gorilla Glass on the top which makes it look like a touchscreen but it isn't just about everyone who used as in book 3 tried scrolling with the screen only to find out it's a non touch with this price and form factor it seems like Asus could have just added flip hinges and a touchscreen to make this a 2 + 1 but enough about looks let's talk about the brains of the operation the Zenbook 3 has the new i7 7500 u CPU this is 7th gen KB Lake not the 6th gen skylake heavy Lake isn't a huge upgrade over skylake netting about 10 percent faster performance however 7th gen HD 620 graphics feature better power management and video encoding so the new HEV see video format which is like Pied Piper for Silicon Valley fans it's about 26 times improvement on battery life KB Lake is also designed for Thunderbolt 3 optimization but no Thunderbolt 3 here just USB see we would love for Asus to get on the Thunderbolt bandwagon I mean how cool would it be to use a graphics dock to hook up a 1080 Strix the i7 7500 you and then 1080 might not be an ideal match but it's fun to think about the possibilities of these tiny laptops and not so tiny graphics cards our royal blue came with a 512 gigabyte nvme SSD and that means lightning fast load times we're all about that Asus claims the speakers are exceptional but we're pretty skeptical when it comes to music from a tiny laptop Lew surprised to find the audio really was stellar and then we aren't going to replace our external speakers it's an added bonus the battery is a 40 watt hour model which Asus claims is good for around nine hours with normal use in our brief tests that seemed on target asus is clearly going after apple with their Zenbook line the MacBook Air with the Zen book flip and the MacBook with the Zen book 3 the MacBook starts at 1300 and the Zen book 3 at 1004 the 256 gigabyte eye 5 model you can get premium versions of both for 1600 but the MacBook only has 8 gigs of ram and the processor definitely is in Gen 7 the form factor is remarkably similar but the Zen book 3 is a head of the MacBook in every category except for the display the MacBook has a 2304 by 1440 pixels screen as opposed to the 1920 by 1080 display on the Zen book 3 similarly the Zen book flip has significantly better specs and it's cheaper than the MacBook Air with the added benefit of being a fun to use 2 in line we mentioned the lack of ports but unlike the MacBook the Zen book 3 ships with a USB hub that supports HDMI USB 3 and another USB see the lack of ports isn't a huge deal but could be annoying for those of you who love your USB keyboard and mouse better make sure your USB hubs are handy overall the new Zenbook three should be popular with the ultraportable crowd especially for those who Rock Navy Blazers with gold buns thanks for watching and let us know what you think in the comments subscribe for more reviews and we'll see you next time

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