ASUS ZenBook UX330UA-AH54 13.3-inch Ultra-Slim Laptop Review

the Zen book is an attractive all-metal laptop with the asou slogan in front of the lid with its famous concentration rings surrounding it it's a thinner and lighter than the Dell XPS 13 but it's wider and deeper due to the bezels surrounding the display it's super easy to open the lid you can even do it with one hand but I did find the display to be very wobbly it's missing that stiffness and the hinge that's standard with the XPS Line port selection is decent on the left you have a USB 30 port an audio jack and a full-size SD card slot on the left there's a power connector another USB 3

0 port a USB type-c port and a mini HDMI port now my thought opening up the Zen book would be super easy just remove the nine screws and you're in but you actually have to take out the two rubber feet at the back to gain access to two more screws so I opted to leave the feet in place because I'm super clumsy and I'd probably destroy the Ultrabook but the only thing that's actually upgradeable is the m2 SATA SSD and Wi-Fi module the RAM is soldered on to the motherboard my model comes with an i7 7500 u cpu 512 gigabytes of SSD 16 gigabytes of RAM and a full HD display but if you want there's a model with a qhd+ screen now this unit retails for $1,300 Canadian I don't have us pricing for this model but the entry-level model starts at $700 us and that will net you an i5 8 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of SSD storage space the display is 13

3 inches it's full HD its IPS and has a matte finish so no glare or reflections when it's sunny but I found it to not have the greatest viewing angles contrast is pretty good but brightness is on the low side even out a hundred percent srgb sits at 96% and Adobe RGB sits at seventy-five is a good display but it's not one of the better ones you can get on an ultrabook now just above is the webcam it looks like this it's not the greatest but it's fine for the odd video call the keyboard layout is great I have no complaints regarding key placement the travel distance is 15 millimeters which is good for a laptop this thin the typing experience was fine the keys are tad mushy but not uncomfortable over a long period of use there's three levels of brightness to choose from so overall it's a solid keyboard the spacious trackpad on the other hand is good it's glass but it's not as great as the one on the XPS 13 it's accurate and fairly sensitive but I wish there was a bit more click when pressing down this model comes with a fingerprint scanner it was super easy to setup and accurate to use now the speaker placement is not the best on the bottom but understandable due to how thin this laptop is they're made by Harman Kardon and equalized by ice power so they get loud enough for a small room has a very clean highs but they tend to drown out the mids and bass fan noise is good it's fairly quiet when idle and not too loud when it's under full load inside is the latest cable a dual core i7 7500 new processors so fast and smooth to work in MS Office or Google Docs and more than capable of having tons of tabs open and consuming media now it's not beefy enough to game on but you can get away with some older titles like League of Legends csgo and if you really want to overwatch at low settings inside is an m2 SSD so I was getting read speeds of 530 and write speeds of 504 so not as fast as the newer PCIe nvme drives but more than fast enough for this type of ultrabook if you plan on editing video or photoshop work you can probably get away with 1080p footage just make sure to use a separate drive for your media now under full load the Zen book gets a little hot hitting temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius or a hundred and nine degrees Fahrenheit but again this is using apps meant to extremely stress the CPU and not representative of actual use I do this to test thermal throttling and surprisingly there was none kept temps even without throttling the CPU the touchpad kept cool but closer to the top of the keyboard it did get a bit now in terms of battery life the Zenbook is absolutely insane I was getting a solid 12 hours of use before needing to charge so super impressed with the battery life and it's better than the XPS 13 all right so here's my closing thoughts a Suze has created a premium ultra book while undercutting some of its biggest competitors it offers a beautiful design good sound a good keyboard great performance and exceptional battery life the only areas that fall short is the display and trackpad the Zen book starts at $700 us and you get an i5 7200 u CPU while the XPS 13 equivalent is $400 more now sure the XPS 13 is slightly better in most of these categories but is it $400 better that's something your needs your preferences and your budget will have to decide all in all this is a great ultra book and if you want to save yourself some money this is one of the more affordable ones that are out there so that wraps up my review of the soos Zen book 330 ua k

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