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Hello there, welcome to a new video of Urban Tecno The mid-range Android is hot, almost as much as Note 7, well not so much because It is a market that is full of devices So now possibly manufacturers try to differentiate (the rest) or below, that is, offering good terminals to very competitive prices above or, what is known as super mid-range or mid-range premium And why I tell you all this? Because the latter is possibly the strategy with which ASUS will try to position themselves with this Zenfone 3, a smartphone or better said one phablet high quality in virtually all sections without it need to spend 700 euros for him

To start this Zenfone 3 enters the eye by a really nice design, but It has an air of Samsung phones as some have comentao me where HE Glass is the great protagonist, since the manufacturer has used this material TECHNOLOGY 25 D rounded edges both on the front and the rear, which it gets dirty too easily For the body and have used aluminum frames with rounded edges and a light curvature, which begin and end two polished bezels that are the icing on your design The front, which is relatively well used in addition to the screen, which occupies almost 71%, the highlight is the touch buttons, which incidentally are not backlit In his later it is the camera, which protrudes slightly from the body, it may be The only one paste in your design

It is accompanied by a double flash and just below the reader traces that although works in a fast way to the first anyway, not me convinces nor the place chosen although this depends on each, or design, small and thin vertically, perhaps it had encajao better on the front Considering that it is a phablet sensations in hand are positive, although it is to be unavoidable use it with both hands, especially in my case In this sense does not I find differences in hand with other high-end, possibly thanks to good finishes and materials, but perhaps is a tad bigger compared to others, since their dimensions are 1526 mm high x an important width of 774 mm thick and 7

7 x 155 grams The side frames favor its grip and side buttons, too metal, they are in a proper location, which provide a good touch and travel The consequence of the foregoing or rather the reason is its large screen of 55 inches, a size that depends on the taste of each The important thing is to end the quality offered

In this case ASUS has opted for an ideal Full HD resolution, which It represents a density of 400 dots per inch each, so its sharpness is excellent The novelty of the panel is incorporating technology that is Super IPS + One technology that has been puliéndose, showing as in this case more realistic colors and comfortable, and therefore less burdensome to the view that the AMOLED technology, although Uoh! is more in favor of the latter Whites are almost perfect and blacks quite intense Regarding the brightness is relatively high, but it is true that in exteriors are inevitable reflections

The sensor regulates it does so in a very fast way, although the minimum is maybe a tad high And to accompany your big screen and enjoy even more of any multimedia content is noteworthy section of the audio in this case has the technology Sonic MASTER 36 The result was pleasantly surprised by both the maximum volume as by offering the same quality Turn the most controversial section of the terminal, its performance, not because it is bad, if not! by the strange combination chosen by ASUS For we have the processor lao It is a known midrange, a Snapdragon 625 8-core 2GHz and secondly, that It comes with 4 GB of RAM

As happens in relationships, the strangest combinations are the ones and they work best in this case is met Its processor delivers performance more than solvent, possibly a step above the common mid-range, even though it is true that in terms of power remains below the current high-end market All this is confirmed after the performance test by Antutu which marked a score 62971 points The 4 GB of RAM and much noticeable, especially in tasks in the background, as yet having numerous open apps, move between them does so in a way absolutely smooth In the graphic processor with the help of the GPU Adreno 506, I could appreciate and enjoy the strongest titles of the store

The device comes with Android 60 with 30 ZenUI which is the personalization layer ASUS Leaving aside the issue of its design is subjective, and my I personally do not convince me at all, we must recognize that the experience of Android It remains intact, while incorporating many features The worst is perhaps the ASUS amount of applications, although it can uninstall or disable them

neither keep be a problem considering that the team has 64 GB internal storage, expandable well And attentive to the camera Zenfone 3 because this is perhaps one of the sections where ASUS has put more effort Especially the main one is 16 megapixel with f 20 aperture, optical stabilizer 4-axis and fast hybrid autofocus detection of phase and laser, accompanied by a dual LED flash Dual Tone with HDR mode in the same It is capable of recording 4K lens and is sapphire crystal is indestructible as Hulk or Same as mine The result with good lighting are high quality photos regarding color reproduction and detail, although getting these images has been necessary Using the automatic HDR mode, which often choose not to use the camera

if not! we do images look with very muted colors Similarly with lower brightness photographs also darken too Regarding night shots are positive results not seen a high level noise and indoors where flash does a great job All this is something that you can also appreciate you I must also highlight the shutter speed and auto focus, I could check in a great application for simple camera, but with many advanced features

& Finally as to the front that has a sensor opening 8 megapixel 1f more than acceptable for selfies We are approaching the end of the analysis with one of the star sections of Zenfone 3, your autonomy, with a battery of 3000 mah Lately I are surprising in this section terminals I probao, but this has impresionao me even more, because those who have Aguantao me here ever since I told you that I give a lot tralla the phone, and this gentleman Zenfone 3 ha llegao to overcome the day and a half of use, that looooong time did not see it

So ole ASUS for it And finally in terms of connectivity and you have seen it has a USB port type C, tha certainly makes use of fast charging Qualcomm, plus Wi-Fi, aGPS with Glonass, Bluetooth 42 and FM radio, something I value very much The only absence is the support NFC The Asus Zenfone 3 ha Dejao me after this analysis some mixed feelings

No doubt it is a nice terminal, thanks to its design and materials, as well as being well builded Perhaps the only downside here is that it is a tad wide And in the same way Performance-wise meets in all situations, also offering an incredible {0}{/0} {1}       {/1} {2}Autonomy{/2} Peeeero its price stands at complicao ground So this makes me wonder if I recommend considering that in this price segment there are options very powerful today

And before preguntéis me and I tell you recommend but not at any price By the way if you want I Dejao just below the best links to purchase, so if you're interesao I encourage you to take a look What you thought this Zenfone 3? Tell me in the comments and if you have gustao you this I thank you video that you give and I like to share it on your social networks What! yet you have not subscribed to the channel? I do not know you expect to do so Thank you very much

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