How to add a 2nd HDD or SSD to a laptop (Easy Steps)

hello guys welcome to SaraoTech I'm come back with a new exciting video tutorial in this video I will show you how you can insert second hard drive Or second solid-state drive into your laptop for this purpose we need a hard disk or solid-state drive and a hard drive caddy is a adapter for hard disk that can be inserted at the place of DVD writer in laptops hard disk comes with two sizes one is 95 mm and second is 12

7 mm you can google for the size of your hard drive and by appropriate hardisk caddy in my case I am using 127 mm hardisk caddy for my lenovo g580 I bought it from amazon i will put the link in the description also now let's start the process this is hard disk 500gb wd and this is hardisk caddy with screwdriver let's open the back cover of laptop this is DVD writer remove the skrew and pull the DVD writer outside now fit the hard disk into the hardisk caddy match the pins with the hardisk caddy pins and insert inside it there is 4 screws to hold the hard-disk just fix it as you can see here are here is two holes for support as you can see on the DVD writer remove it from DVD writer and fix on hardisk caddy now it is ready to insert at the place of dvd-writer little force is needed add the back cover let's test it this is the hardisk that we inserted a at the place of DVD writer 465 gb and thanks for watching this video do subscribe and share this video with your friends

Source: Youtube