How to Install Prisma App on Computer / Laptop / PC Without Bluestacks

hi guys, today i am going to show you how to use prisma application on windows PC so all you have to do is open your internet browser so go to this website you can find video links in the description below and simply download this application by clicking download button this application is about 280 MB in size,and it will take time upon your internet connection so i'll be back when download complets

Now i have downloaded this applicationso simply install it on your pc this application will ask some permissions to install so whenever it ask's for permission simply allow it after installing this application, open google play store to download prisma app on your computer

it will ask you to log in to your existing google account or create a new account so here i am using my existing one,but you can create your new account from here I have logged in now so then search and install prisma application it will take just a few seconds to install becuase it is a small application after installing this application simply open your prisma app and now you can use this application on your computer

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