How to Set up PPTP Manual Configurations on an Asus Router With ExpressVPN

Let’s go through the steps for setting up ExpressVPN on an Asus router using PPTP manual configurations For this tutorial, you’ll need a compatible Asus router and an ExpressVPN subscription

This setup will demonstrate the process on Asus stock firmware, but it‘s also compatible with Merlin on Asus Visit the ExpressVPN website and click “My Account” in the top right corner Enter the email address and password associated with your ExpressVPN account and click “Sign In" After logging in, click the green “Set up ExpressVPN” button On the next page, click “Manual Config” in the bottom left corner

Select the “PPTP & L2TP-IPSec” button on the right You’ll notice a username and password—you’ll use these later in the setup process Below that is a list of regions Expand the region that includes the VPN location you plan to use by clicking the plus sign to the right A list of server addresses will appear—you’ll come back to these later in the setup process

Without closing your current browser window, open a new tab You’re going to open your Asus router control panel, meaning you must be connected to the internet through your Asus router in order to continue with the setup process In the address bar, enter your router’s default gateway For help locating your router’s gateway, you can follow a link in the video description to an article on how to find it The default gateway will take you to the router sign-in page, unless you changed the router address

Enter your router username and password and click “sign in” On the next page, click “VPN” on the left side of the screen Then click “VPN Client” near the top You should see a button that reads “Add profile”—click on it “PPTP” should already be selected at the top

For the description field, enter a name that helps you remember which VPN server location you’re using For the “VPN server”, return to the ExpressVPN setup page and copy the address of the VPN location you want to use For the username, go back to the same page and copy the username by clicking the button to the top right Paste it in the Asus menu Follow the same steps to input the password

Next, for “PPTP options,” select “MPPE 128” Finally, click “OK” You’ve finished setting up PPTP manual configurations on your Asus router To connect to ExpressVPN, simply press “activate” A checkmark will appear on the left when you’re connected

You can also check your VPN location by visiting expressvpncom/what-is-my-ip Thanks for watching!

Source: Youtube