Laptop RAM Upgrade Guide – Kingston 8 GB DDR3L – (Hindi)

Friends today I am unboxing a kingston new RAM and also I will tell you some important things about RAM like, What you need to know, before buying Laptop RAM and which RAM will be suitable for your Laptop then friends if you are planing to upgrade you Laptop RAM or you want to know about RAM then please watch the full video So without taking too much time Let's start its unboxing as you can see This is a brand new laptop RAM and I purchased the ram from amazon I usually prefer to buy products from amazon because of the quality of products available here means there is very less chance that you will get duplicate products in amazon that is why this is my favorite shopping website friends the Laptop RAM I bought has 8 GB capacity

If you also want to upgrade your RAM I suggest you to prefer to buy 8 GB RAM because most of the older Laptop comes with 2 to 4 GB of RAM and if you will buy 8 GB RAM then the total capacity will be 10 to 12 GB that will be sufficient for any type of heavy work and if you will buy any new Laptop in future then you can use this RAM to that new Laptop also If you will bought 4 GB RAM then not today, but after some time you will realize that It would have been better if we had taken 8 GB RAM The very first thing I am going to tell you that if you are planing to upgrade your Laptop RAM then the first thing you should find that how many RAM slot are there in your Laptop because now a days some Laptop comes with 1 RAM slot and some laptop comes with 2 RAM slot If your Laptop has 2 RAM slot then one thing more you need to find that if there is any unused slot or not because if your laptop has 4 GB RAM then sometime companies use two 2 GB RAM then in this case, both the RAM slot are already filled and for RAM upgrade you need to remove one old RAM and insert the New RAM at that slot

Now I am going to tell you some important things about RAM like RAM speed and its voltage and also that If it will suits your Laptop or not The laptop RAM I have purchased is of Kingston company who makes all types of memory like Hard Disk, RAM, Memory Card and this is a trusted company This RAM has 8 GB capacity and it is a type DDR3 low voltage RAM There is DDR3L mark in the RAM description The "L" here means the Low Voltage If there is only DDR3 marked, then it is a type of 15 Volt RAM Friends DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 can not be interchanged with each other So do not try to use different types of RAM Because the number of pins and the position of the pin mark is change So it has also to be taken care of This RAM comes with a 5 year warranty so please check the warranty before buying that How many years of warranty you are getting Now I am going to tell you about Low Voltage and High Voltage Normally RAM voltage is 135v, means Low Volt and 1

5v means High Volt But some RAM also can be 125v or 165v In older computers 15v RAM were used Now a days companies using 135v RAM that is the most common RAM Actually the RAM is backward compatible means if you are using low voltage RAM in High Voltage slot, then there is no problem

Let me explain, If your Old RAM of RAM slot is of 15v then you can easily use 135v RAM But reverse is not possible, so do not try means you can not use 15v RAM in slot of 135v If you are planning to upgrade RAM without any confusion, then find the RAM link in the description

Now let's talk about RAM speed Yes you heard right, RAM speed Just like CPU RAM also comes with different speed like 1600Mhz The higher the speed, the faster it works But if speed is not set to maximum So you can set it through BIOS Remember, if you have enough knowledge then only change the setting This RAM comes with a small product information guide Where you will get the installation process of RAM I hope this video would be nice to you And maybe some doubts related to the RAM would have taken away

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