Oyunun Profesyonelleri ASUS Gaming Network Çözümlerini Öneriyor | ASUS

Adeks has established in 1998 by two computer engineering students They have started this business in Besiktas with eight computers

In following years, the business spread in two branches with nearly 300 machines We thought that "What kind of a place would we want to go?" with our gamer friendsand we asked ourselves "Can we turn this into a business?" because there are lots of gaming houses, Playstation cafés in Turkey but what we wanted was a place that hardcore gamers can hang out together As Zocco's, as we know, we have one of the best connections in Turkey We serve with one fiber and seven ADSL connections For us, Internet connection is the most important thing Last year we transferred to an 1 Gbps connection

We have an infrastructure faster than 99% of Turkey It brought lots of problems We were using 5-6 ADSL lines before that Now we have only one line But, because of this line is too fast, it becomes hard to provide in a stable way

For this reason, you need to have high quality equipments and network infrastructure We are organizing Hearthstone, DotA, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and of course League of Legends tournaments in here For this, stable connection is a must If you are doing this as a business, and people are playing a game which milliseconds matter, the connection must be very stable When we decided to work with ASUS, they gave us an amazing support on our infrastructure technology

We are trying to prevent our customers ,that we serve, experience no latency Because gamers give their negative feedbacks very fast in case of a latency or lag After we start to use ASUS router, ping, packet loss or download speed problems minimized, which affects gaming experience In the end, we also have a speed limit in here, but in means of stability of that speed, and in means of fairful sharing of that speed in between users, I can say that this was the best solution ever We tried lots of models from different brands

Then we decided to use ASUS network solutions in the end Both as software and hardware features, for example having dual-core processor, firmware updates, guest network, we can manage everything easily and also we can provide a connection of 1Gbps to our gamers without any disconnection or problem After we upgrade our infrastructure with ASUS, our connection problems dropped to minimum With some of its features in its interface, for example one of them is seeing the traffic in real-time, it shortened our action time and made us very happy It has everything that whatever you ask from a router, I mean if you want to provide the connection fairly and without any performance issues, it gave us what we want

Since we started to work with ASUS, unless we don't have any problems from the ISP, we haven't heard any concerns from anyone I didn't have any concerns, I am playing really good actually!

Source: Youtube