Первый обзор Asus RT-AC68U

The range of advanced routers from Asus continues to evolve Standard becomes a Wi-Fi support a new level speed – 802

11 ac Router Asus RT-AC68U now takes pedestal of the fastest wireless router And now we will tell that interesting to have this model developers Traditionally, routers Asus have included everything you need for the job Naturally this device itself, and three detachable antenna Wi-FI, block Power, Ethernet-cable, CD with software and manual weighty user

Appearance develop design ideas RT-N66U This vertical arrangement on the stand, three detachable antennas and corporate relief drawing on the front part But differences abound AC68U much more stable and massive, Stand Now removable and horizontal mounting is not possible A big plus was the location of the ports, which are now not from the top, as in the AC66 and N66, and the rear

Now wires It will not be so ridiculously stuck with installing the stand After all, such a device must be on the table and pleasing to the eye and the sense of exclusivity owner of a top network devices for home networks Especially that the manufacturer in this version did backlight gentle and even indicators pleased with the backlight off button with the logo and the front indicators He added convenience and appeared recently in many mechanical devices, mute button Wi-Fi modules A nod to the now popular energy efficiency and security

This button is useful, of course, only if the router is located in an easily accessible place, on the table We go through the elements controls and ports The top of the connectors for three antennas – from which it is evident that the device of course also supports three-band technology 3T3R side already said manual override button Wi-Fi and launch WPS automatic connection On the flip side, you can see the cooling grate, which must be powerful stuffing

Below the hidden reset button and a reset to factory EEPROM state Well, all of the available ports and connectors – connection Power and power button, USB 20 and USB 30, port ISP and four ports for local devices I must say that 68U looks much more complete device than its predecessors and inspires a sense of security

So the router and must be – simple as an ax, and at the same time productive With regard to heating during operation, then, running ahead, we can say that the heated 68U smaller than the former top counterparts A power connection port, with which in some previous models, the Asus was all sad here it looks very reliably and the power button is located More comfortable Well PSU long enough cable will give the opportunity to place the router there, where it is convenient Asus RT-AC68U promises to be a high-quality jump in performance routers

Developers I call it the fastest wireless currently device With the new dual-core processor and a wireless chip of BROADCOM (Broadcom BCM4709) and raised RAM volume The total capacity of Wi-Fi is declared 1900Mbit / s One gets it from two ranges 5G, where he works with the AC-standard at 1300 Mbit / s 24 GHz with N standard – up to 600 Mbit / s

Increase a speed the latter allowed TurboQAM technology that will work with its supported devices And it will be Wi-Fi adapters Asus' first Also I got a router one USB 30 port, along with updating the filling will Finally a real increase in the speed of file work server, ie NAS performance Of course, all wired ports, including the WAN – Gigabit

And given the appearance of a large the number of new features in the recent updating of firmware older routers Asus – the output of the productive the device can be considered very timely Now You understand why For external The device has a USB 20 port and USB 30 where as before You can connect a USB flash drive, external hard drive or 3g / 4g modem

Software Refresh recently 68U by buying has the the latest version at the time of review fully describe it we will not – many of you already know what's what, and if not – the details in previous reviews the top routers from Asus – N66U and AC66U Now tell you about a few a very important and useful upgrades At first Asus engineers have finally added mode dual WAN I

e Now setup and operation of two ISPs It will be available And is available not only for the WAN-port and Of USB-modems, and even one of the LAN-ports just think about it – Now your router can handle two-wire Internet service providers simultaneously And wherein Two modes are available – simultaneous work with both channels and setting their load, as well as the mode reserving, when the second channel starts when the first problems It works like this c 3G / 4G modems and Yota, the list of which as little expanded and selected LAN-ports

Next add linked AiCloud with a new version of the service, which allows to obtain anywhere access to USB-connected storage device to the router Enough to have access to the Internet files in the cloud available through an application for mobile OS Android and iOS In the settings of the wireless 5GHz channel bandwidth Steels position available 80MHz – is the standard ac There are new settings work AiRadar technology – directional Wi-Fi signal, device Clients supporting this technology can get better reception, and for older devices added special setting to improve communication on the basis of general orientation

Added new web-based tools for diagnosis and many other details But let us still to compare performance By According Cnet AC68U distinguished resource faster AC66U standard ac nearly doubled and significantly outperforms all other existing ac-routers Performance standard N on 5GHz so it is better, but only slightly ahead 66U – there improvements and it was not intended But thanks to 2

4GHz TurboQAM the actual performance of the router several times superior results in dozens of opponents just 66U But to evaluate the performance of NAS and finally become relevant USB 30 port, which is full of opportunities used thanks to a new filling Compared with the old 66U good writing and reading from the connected for USB 30 drive with the same interface increased several times and is comparable with full-fledged NAS-servers

And even a little superior to those network drives like Seagate Central, review 4TB version will soon appear on our channel The router works fine and wired tasks – making full use of the possibility of 80 megabit channel ISP The only sign of some buggy software – the absence of display data in the manager traffic, which we demonstrated at the speed tests file server Well, in the end Asus has once again managed outdo all vendors of routers for home and small office networks AC68U at this moment the most productive of the existing devices and finally It can be called truly universal wireless and a wired router, NAS-server and general device capable perform any modern network tasks

Concerning Relevance ac standard – it gradually appears new computers Apple and other manufacturers, to mobile devices is still far, as they are unlikely Do need such speeds, the benefits of which are not They are able to use their energy-efficient Wi-Fi modules Therefore, technology is useful for laptops and stationary computers with modules and adapters standard ac – ideally from ASUS As far as the price – it adequate reappear leader and without a doubt will be corrected downward over time But users wishing first to get the best router that will remain so for at least another year on the cost and do not take a look Check in CIDEX

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