Worlds FASTEST Watercooled Laptop

What would you do, if your gaming machine overheated? We've seen every solution, from adding extra fans, to, cracking open the bottom panel, to, far sketchier methods than those, But, what if one of the world's most skilled, and apparently, insane teams of engineers, was presented with this problem? Well, you might end up with a solution that looks a little something like this Meet the ASUS GX800, the world's most powerful, water-cooled laptop

[Intro] [Pre-roll] The first things you'll notice, taking the TWO PIECES, of the GX800, out of the included backpack and travel case are, one, this laptop comes in two pieces More on that later And two, it looks flippin' badass The matte black palm rests, metal accents, and strategically positioned lighting effects, give it every bit as premium, a feel and look, as you'd expect for it's whopping six thousand dollar price tag Coming around the back, is where things get really interesting though

These, quick-connect fittings, allow the GX800 to be easily docked, and undocked, from the included external water-cooling unit So, going from portable to performance, takes less than 10 seconds Place the laptop down on these two pins, then, push down here to LOCK AND LOAD! Once engaged, the docking station, thanks to its second power brick, doubles the available power to 660W, and engages the pump and radiator fans, turning this beast, from a fox that might steal your chickens, to, like, one of this things But, what could be in this machine to warrant all of these extra power and cooling? Well, two overclocked GTX 1080 graphics cards in SLI, ya donk! What'd you think there gonna be in there? Mobile hardware? And the rest of the specs in this thing are absolutely banging, too It's rocking THREE M

2 drives in Raid 0, for one terrabyte of blazing fast solid state storage, SIXTY-FOUR gigs of DDR4 RAM, and a Core i7-7820HK, that's overclocked to 44 gigahertz, out of the box I/O, is similarly impressive, with just about everything you could want, including Thunderbolt 3, Display Port, and, this, funky network antenna extendo-thing So, you could have, like, mad, dope, AF internet, even when you not plugged in, or, whatever they were trying to do with that And, all of that power won't be wasted on a monitor that can't take advantage of it

The GX800 has an 18-inch, 4K, 60 hertz, G-Sync, IPS display, which comes with all the benefits you might expect Super sharp image quality in games, and 4K videos, along with great viewing angles, and variable refresh rate technology, that makes lower frame-rates appear smoother to the eye, while eliminating screen tearing Not that you'll be running into low frame-rates, very often The way this laptop stomped on everything we threw it in at Ultra Details at 4K resolution is nothing short of amazing, with the terrain in Rise of The Tomb Raider looking proper stunning I mean, so did everything else

But, what really sets it apart, from the other, balls to the wall laptops that we checked out recently, is that the GX800 is surprisingly good, as a traditional laptop, when it's undocked While it is a little on the "chubby" side, it's not leg-crushingly heavy, like the Predator 21X, and the large, properly positioned trackpad responds well, with nice, satisfying clicks on the discrete right and left buttons, it might look a little over-the-top if you, rolled up to the library and whipped out one of these things, but if you need on-the-go productivity, or gaming, it is usable For a little while The mechanical-styled keyboard is reasonably comfortable to type and game on, but, it doesn't use Cherry key switches, like the Predator 21X, so the feel will be mushier and less consistent I did find myself making more errors than usual

With that said, the nearly-standard layout and a full number-pad are nice touches But, let's move on then, from the practical aspects of this beast, and focus on answering the question you all been waiting for How, the actual F, does water-cooling in a laptop work? Well, we're gonna have to pop up the bottom to see And would you look at that? The GX800, not only, has a full air-cooling setup, with six heatpipes and two fans, it also has this absolutely bonkers, fully customed water-cooling loop But, there's some bad news in here

Unlike some high-end laptops, the GX800's GTX 1080s are soldered to the motherboard, meaning, that there's no swapping them out, in the event of a failure, or, for something else down the road Though, it should be noted, that everything about this laptop is top-of-the-line, and it's unusual for future graphics cards, on laptops anyway, to be supported by the existing cooling system But, can water-cooling make enough of the difference in a laptop to compensate for those drawbacks? To answer that, we'll be comparing performance, docked and undocked, against a full-on desktop with similar hardware And, hm, it seems in our testing, the extra juice, both the water juice and power juice, well, it doesn't make as big of a difference as you might expect, with us observing about a ten percent increase in performance on the maximum performance profile in ASUS's software This might make the dock usefulness seem highly questionable, but, I also have to point out, that it makes the machine heaps quieter, Without the dock, it's like any other, uber laptop, louder than a tuba recital in the apartment above you

But when it's docked, it calms down, I mean, I wouldn't call it silent, but its' low roar isn't overly distracting There is some more bad news though Our GPUs ended up in the mid 60's under load on water-cooling, which is great, but for some reason, the cooling solution couldn't quite seem to keep up, with our CPU, with thermal throttling kicking in under heavy load, in ASUS's extreme, you know, "FEED IT POWER 'TILL IT BURNS!" profile I suspect, that this was a conscious effort that was made to direct cooling to the GPUs, because, during gaming, it's unlikely that the CPU will hit full load And so, we didn't actually experience this thermal throttling in any of our gaming tests, but if you wanted to use this thing as a video editting powerhouse, you might want to, uh, make some adjustments

We were able to mitigate the problem to a "degree", by creating our own less agressive overclock profile at 42 gigahertz, which, as disappointing as that might be, it should still be noted, is the fastest we've ever seen one of these mobile processors, by a hundred megahertz, Making, then, the GX800, by every measure, the fastest, quietest gaming laptop we ever tested while docked, with the flexibility to carry most of its 4K gaming experience with you, in a, sort of, normal sized backpack So, it comes down then to price, and bulk, would you spend six thousand dollars for the privilege of having one of these? Let us know in the comments below [Endroll] So, thanks for watching guys! If this video suck, you know what to do But if it was awesome, get subscribed, hit that like button, or, check out the link to where to buy the stuff we featured at Amazon in the video description

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