Best Buy presents ASUS ProArt Monitor

My name is Brice Ferré, I am a professional commercial and athlete photographer I moved to Vancouver from Paris, France seven years ago and I discovered trail running as well

Taking photos of athletes was a great way for me to combine my two passions When you combine the colours of the trees with the colours of the athletes, you have all the diversity you want As a professional photographer, it’s very important to actually work with a professional monitor as well So the reason I chose to work with the Asus ProArt monitor is because of its capability with high-end photography and the amount of details on the screen Setting up the monitor is actually very simple

It comes factory pre-calibrated and it’s really easy to re-calibrate if you want to as well As an artist, I am a very visual person and I’m very particular about design, so the slim profile of this monitor is very important to me One of my favourite features has got to be the 4K UHD, simply because it allows me to see an amazing amount of details in the photo The flicker-free technology allows me to work on photos for much longer without straining my eyes The wide colour gamut really brings my photos to life

One of the features I like about this monitor is the wide viewing angle and the fact that there’s no colour shift, so you see the same picture no matter where you stand in the studio Which is great when you have clients sitting on the couch and you’re working on your monitor Between it’s sharpness, resolution, colour fidelity, and design, the Asus ProArt monitor is clearly the best choice for any photographer out there

Source: Youtube