Лучшие игры с крутой графикой для Android и IOS

Hi, with you Nick Although the era of phones, sharpened for specific tasks, passed many years ago, manufacturers time from time trying to come up with something on this subject and now there are more gaming smartphones

Oleg has already speculated on the need for such devices on the example of Xiaomi Black Shark And I decided to look for cool graphonist games and collected cool projects for the whole movie By the way, since all games are available on iOS, in the description You will find links for the video for both platforms It remains only to find a game iPhone (joke) Darkness Rises What a cool selection of games graphics do without slasher with RPG elements? So I could not get past the project in 2018, Darkness Rises

Great graphics enhanced by cool special effects and cinematic scenes in special attacks, and the game itself the process is perfectly felt due to the dynamism and 60 fps If you don’t bother with pumping, just enjoy button and falling opponents, you can do without donat Or play a couple of hours, marveling at the graphics on the smartphone, and then move on to another project Shadowgun Legends Shooter in the setting of the future as well as possible for the demonstration of graphic frills In Shadowgun Legends, battles always take place in good light, because explosions and crossfire look especially cool

And a separate pleasure in the story campaign deliver the fall of the huge cars that you just shot Endless skirmishes delivered superbly a variety of clothes does not get bored, but similar There are many games But what makes Shadowgun Legends stand out? so this is the city of the future, in which the player takes tasks buys weapons and engages in other activities This is almost the only game where the pause between the main the gameplay is not straining, too beautiful to walk on this "menu" Tekken Mobile Tekken – one of the most famous fighting games in the world

Because the developers have made every effort to do everything well The fights look expensive, the characters are drawn perfectly, special Beats are accompanied by a variety of animations By the way, while Tekken was being installed, memories came flooding back to me as we went to visit and sat at the first "Sonya" until late Mobile analog is not at all the way I remember it: have to go along the storyline, discover the characters, perform tasks and collect cards I can not say that I am ready to play it for a long time, but look at familiar characters was nice, All the more, with such a detailed drawing

The first "curling" and never dreamed of Injustice 2 If nostalgia for Tekken you do not have, but you want to enjoy a beautiful fighting game, pay attention to the grim Injustice 2 Slapping on the head of someone from Harley Quinn – worth it Management, as in all fighting games on smartphones, elementary, but the graph does not find fault, namely we look at it today in the first place Modern Combat Versus Modern Combat Series is one of the most popular on smartphones, because not to mention it would be wrong

Modern Combat Versus is a network shooter in the world of the future Moving away from our day allowed to simplify shooting, as well as saturate combat fights with special effects and put it all in the pathos locations The futuristic setting is vaguely reminiscent of Overwatch, games also make an idea with different characters and unique abilities of each of them The only negative – the players with real nested money gets too much advantage The free-to-play model has its advantages – online always clogged

World War Heroes Don't Like Fantastic battles? Then just pay attention to World War Heroes, a kind of mobile Battlefield Cool maps, good detail, beautiful shooting and a rich selection of weapons make not only enjoy the picture but also shoot rivals on a couple of hours in a row Control as supple and smooth as possible Smartphone play – pure pleasure This is one of the best online shooters that only available on Android and iOS, and in the setting of World War II – and absolutely absolute leader

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed This slasher RPG stands out not just graphics Yes, the picture here is great, but the most powerful in the game is the scale The player will have to carry hundreds of enemies across the map, All this in the Asian setting and familiar from the games Dynasty Warriors style High dynamic and nominal plot allow enjoy the game almost anywhere, especially this is facilitated by short gaming sessions – one level rarely have to spend more than three minutes Unfortunately, the game is due to its "fritupleynosti" forces you to spend a lot of time in the menu, collecting daily rewards and that's it, but even so play it's fun

PUBG Mobile The essence of PUBG, if you are somehow miraculously missed the royal battles boom – stay last survivor among hundreds of opponents To do this, you will need experience, accuracy and tactical thinking Hardcore prevents newbies from plunging into PUBG, but if I can’t overpower a dozen fights; Separately warms the soul that donat does not give any advantages on the battlefield This is one of the most developed games of our time on smartphones, its popularity is associated with great gameplay, although the graphics did not let us down Mobile version of the acclaimed computer "Royal Battle "has a better optimization, as well as free, that opens up access to a huge community – always have someone compete for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

NBA Live Mobile In the selection of games with cool graphics can not do without a sports simulator And although football is much more popular with us, on the phone chasing athletes is fun no matter what part of the body they clog the balls The best basketball on smartphones produces 2K, but NBA Live has had decent resistance in the matter of graphics In addition, the EA project is free, because it tastes he will be able to more people Asphalt 9 Not so long ago came a new part of the most arcade and one of the most colorful racing simulators

Asphalt 9 distinguished itself even more cool graphics and mode, in which all management comes down to choosing a direction at a fork and a lazy squeezing acceleration With this control, you can enjoy the reflections in glossy car paint, pretty surroundings and detail rivals When considering cars get bored, you can switch on the traditional version with a gyro instead of the steering wheel and show this artificial intelligence who is the best here Left To Survive The plot of Left To Survive is banal utterly: 2024, the old world is no more, people left little, the planet was flooded with zombies

The genre is also difficult to call the original – it is a traditional rail shooting The specifics of the genre allowed developers to focus on the setting that shows the already beautiful graphics only with the best hand Detailed drawing of characters, monsters and environments, and also lighting and liters of blood set the tone for the whole game You really enjoy the process, especially in the evening after a hard day Lineage II: Revolution Mobile Rebirth The legendary MMORPG looks great

Consider the graphics does not interfere even heavily cluttered interface Separate joy delivers good optimization and flexible graphics settings: you can wind the sliders under any iron The game for fifteen years has not changed in essence – first will have to go through traditional Korean projects endless grind and the need to swing for weeks And then do the most juicy – raids, guilds and Makhachi for fifty people True, without investing real money to the most delicious gameplay reach units

Either have to use automatic control – you can send a character to raise the level yourself, in the meantime, go about your business For example, to tell you about games with cool graphics GearClub – True Racing Racing Simulators allow developers to work hard on graphics

And if Asphalt 9 stands out for its arcade, GearClub tries to give the most realistic picture Car development, attention to the environment and roar of the engine – these are the main features that make come back to the game again and again Just look at these highlights! Of course, while there is much to strive for, but on mobile The standards look impressive Fortnite We talk about this game not much, but the west is experiencing a Fortnite fever

The mobile version was one of the most colorful games on smartphones in principle It is not surprising, because it is a port from consoles and PCs It makes no sense to talk about the gameplay – we have the traditional "Royal Battle" The graphics in the game is stylized as a cartoon, but excellent effects, bright picture and great work do not give doubt that this is one of the most advanced graphically for phone games In addition, it is also the most demanding to hardware – Fortnite will not run on devices with less than 4 GB of RAM and a graphics accelerator weaker than Adreno 530

Although initially I chose exclusively free games, I can not tell you about another paid project The Room: Old Sins The Room Series counts few pieces, but we are looking at the very fresh, because we mention it is Old Sins The game is not trying to entertain with high speed or explosions does not check the reaction This is a measured quest, where much more important to enjoy textures of different materials, gears and mechanisms "Room" relaxes and enchants with meditativeness, and also caresses eyes

This is a must see for everyone Of course, this is not a complete list of games with the coolest graphics You can not write off the PC-ports, like the "Knights of the old republic" on Star Wars or the GTA series, aka Tommy Versetti make you fly bombs on a helicopter in real of life Thinking out loud: Hm, I’ll have to make a video about PC games, who ported to smartphones In the camera

Let's do it, 2,000 likes, without fanaticism, and I shoot video about cool ports from a PC There are also many old native telephone projects that still give a light to many new products, like Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, and Vainglory still looks cheerful But all at once not to list Write your favorite graphical games in the comments, especially those that I did not mention And also put your fingers up and do not forget the bell, not to miss new videos