ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR II (GL504GM & GL504GS) Review 2018

ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR II (GL504GM & GL504GS) Review 2018

ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR II (GL504GM & GL504GS) Review 2018


The ASUS ROG Scar II is a laptop from Strix series which is dedicated towards e-sports enthusiasts The ROG Scar 2 features the newest 6 core Intel i7-8750H processor that can turbo up to three point nine ghz on all cores and four point one GHz on a single core For the graphics there’s a GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 depending on the model with a 15,6″ 1080p 144Hz display running on 3ms response time There’s also 16GB of DDR4 memory clocked @2,666MHz in dual channel and 256GB of m2 PCIe SSD for the storage

For the current price of this laptop, make sure to check amazon links in the description – you can also find timestamps there if you wanna skip some parts of this video The top surface of the laptop is made of aluminium with a nice looking brushed texture and rounded corners There’s also the ASUS ROG logo with a fully customizable RGB backlight The new Strix laptops just blast with RGB At first I thought I couldn’t care less about RGB logo behind the screen, since I wouldn’t notice it anyway but the longer I used this laptop, the more I appreciated the look of it – especially at night

There’s also an RGB lightstip upfront that gives you some room to personalize the laptop even more – it syngergizes very well with the keyboard backlight The dimensions of the Scar 2 are 361mm (1421″) in width, 262mm (1031″) in depth and 26mm (1″) in height The laptop weights around 2

42kg (533 lbs) and the charger is additional 061kg (135 lbs) making it 303kg (6

68 lbs) in total Ok let’s take a look inside Starting from the top, there’s a very fast thin bezels screen A bit lower there is a glossy ROG Logo, built in microphone and a 720p HD webcam that unfortunetly is located at the bottom, so the angle is not the greatest Above the keyboard there are status indicators with an air intake and power button on the right side

The keyboard itself is full size with 4 zone RGB lighting The key travel distance is great, I really enjoy typing on it but for some of you it might be hard to get used to because of the arrow keys position I barely use them, so the keyboard overall was alright The whole bottom panel is made of polycarbonate but surprisingly it feels very solid, there is almost no keyboard flex and nothing creaks I’ve seen a lot of laptops made of aluminium that weren’t as solid as this unit

Alright, when it comes to the screen quality – the Asus killed it this year It’s a 156″ 1080p 144hz IPS pannel with 3 ms response time, so it’s one of the fastest laptops screen on the martket today The top and side bezels are 5mm thin making it 88% screen to body ratio The color Accuracy in this model is just on point

It’s a great device when it comes to video or photo editing Scoring 99% of sRGB, 79% of Adobe RGB and the brightness of 310 nits The viewing angles are just excelent – the image keeps its color even in the sharp angles The pannel runs on 144Hz refresh rate with 3 miliseconds response time and so far it’s the fastest display panel I’ve ever used in a laptop Even though I used some laptops with 144Hz screens in the past, the panel in ROG Scar 2 runs smoother than basicly any other laptop display

The ROG SCAR 2 has a full size keyboard with 4 zone RGB Lighting It’s kind of weird that the laptop that has so much RGB around doesn’t have an individual key backlight Depending on the model WSAD keys in ROG SCAR 2 or QWER keys in ROG HERO 2 are transparent, so the RGB lighting just blasts right through them The keyboard has a great key travel distance and is very solid, so the typing feels really satisfying for a laptop keyboard The only thing that may bug you in this keyboard is the location of the arrow keys – if you use them a lot, it will take you a bit of time to get used to You can customize your Keyboard backlight, light strip and the ROG logo in the ASUS ROG software

There are plenty of presets that u can use so I’m sure you will find something for you There’s almost no keyboard flex at all, even if I push it really hard – I never thought I’d see something like this with a policarbonate bottom panel The touchpad uses Windows Precision drivers so the tracking is good It also has 2 dedicated buttons, so there is no standard bottom mechanism which i presonally like The speakers sound pretty good

They are located on the both sides and can get decently loud up to 75dB The sound is very clear and what surprised me is that it got the bass, even though the laptop doesn’t have a built in subwoofer Overall great speakers For the ports starting from the left side – there’s a power input, ethernet port, mini display port, HDMI port, 2x USB 31 type A port, USB 3

1 Type-C port and a 35mm Jack for Headphones and Microphone On the right side – there’s a lock mechanism, air exhaust vent, USB 31 type-A and a SD Card Reader When it comes to the battery life SCAR 2 has 64watt hours unit and While watching youtube videos, twitch streams and doing some office works with the videos running in the background I managed to use it for: 2hours 47minutes in one charge with the screen brightness set to 75% So if you plan to take this laptop into meetings or class, you will also need to take a charger with you The Asus ROG Scar 2 is very well designed when it comes to the thermal solutions

During the CPU stress test with the fans on automatic mode the CPU never hit temperatures over 86 degrees Celcius which is a great achievement for a 6 core CPU As you can see the CPU won’t bottleneck your GPU in games – so you can expect the highest possible performance from this configuration Also if you see the temperatures getting higher after few months, you can always put the fans to the Overboost mode or just undervolt the CPU For those of you who don’t know how to undervolt the CPU I made a quick tutorial, so if you’re interested you can check link in the descirption When it comes to noise: with the fans set to automatic mode – on idle its completly silent, Under heavy load like video rendering or playing the newest games the noise hits around 43dB

The ROG SCAR 2 is very accesible when it comes to upgrading You just unscrew the back panel and that’s it – you get acces to all the interiors So if you’re on budget, you can always get the cheapest configuration and make the upgrades in the future without bigger effort The gaming on this device is just great GTX 1060 or 1070 combined with a super fast 3ms 144hz display is just a pure pleasure when it comes to gaming

Here are the average framerates you can expect in games from both configurations: The second generation of Asus Strix laptops is a big success in my opinion The great construction combined with superfast screen and a good price brings something new to the market The ROG SCAR 2 is a clean looking, powerful gaming machine with one of the fastest displays on market, but is it worth buying? Let’s start with pros of this laptop – Excelent display: Great panel, very good color reproduction and brightness with excelent viewing angles – Great Design: Brushed alumium top panel with the RGB logo and RGB lighstip upfront making the laptop look very unique – Very solid: I would’ve never expected such a solid device with a policarbonate bottom pannel

Nothing creaks, no keyboard flex – Great thermals: Great temperatures even without undervolting – Reasonably priced: There are much more expensive laptops with configurations similar to this one – Great performance: Newest 6 core intel i7 processor with GTX 1060 or 1070 will let you do basicly anything you can think of Alright, I gotta tell you something if I have to be honest

For me it’s the laptop that has everything I need, so the cons might be a bit forced Although there are some small things that i’d love to see improved in the next generation – Fingerprint catching: Even if you use the touchpad ocasinally, the fingerprints will stay visible on it until you wipe them off – Short battery life: While watching youtube videos, twitch streams and doing some office works with the videos running in the background the battery lasted only for 2 hours 47 minutes

ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR II (GL504GM & GL504GS) Review 2018