ASUS Vivobook Flip reviews

ASUS Vivobook Flip reviews

After an excruciating work session, leaving both you and your computer worn out just wanting to relax with your favorite TV show stream does this always keep happening to you?! No worries! Asus provides the solution to this problem, the Vivobook Flip! and as usual, we’ll be unboxing this, having a look-see inside the box and getting to know the product’s features and, let’s start unboxing right away! like so, the box opens up for all to gaze upon firstly, we have the laptop itself the familiar warranty booklet thingy Red RF output table leaflet that’s for the stylus and finally, the user guide, that, as per usual, tells you how to get started with your product stu stylus pen so yes, it comes with a stylus like so! there we have the AC adapter soooo that concludes the unboxing, then It was faster than expected this time but that means we can look at the specs a bit more also the overall look and design to begin let’s put WELL ON SECOND THOUGHT! let’s get this out of the plastic

cardboard umm, what’s this stuff anyway fabric! like so! and let’s go over the specs for this model for starters this is the ASUS errrrrrrm Vivobook Flip laptop computer and the modeli is TP510U and the exact make, let me just read that aloud for you it’s the TP510UQ-E8057T sooo, let’s go a bit further at this point, well errr data regarding the hardware that’s in this thing let’s get a listing going here [gesturing] to the side the data soooo this is the [specs on screen] it is an 15,6 inch laptop with a 1080 no that’s not right oh wait, yes it is, 1080p i

e Full HD resolution IPS screen panel Geforce 940MX onboard GPU with 2GB RAM RAM I meant 2GB VIDEO MEMORY! and the CPU is an Intel i7 8550U processor there are two storage drives, 256GB SSD and and 1 TB HDD which is quite nicely storage-wise eurrrrrmmmmmh it has 16GB RAM memory!!! so the working memory can easily handle a LOT of stuff without any hickups the machine weighs in at 1,9 kilograms sooo let’s have a look at the product itself there we have it, and we can look at the exterior the surface has this ummm

blueish finish blueish color on the outside it isn’t very thick in fact it is quite slim looking the bottom looks like a bottom, basically it has some air vents but really not much else, it looks like the upper side on this side side, we can find some of the computer’s connectors there’s the headset jack, USB-C, two USB ports well, technically three, of which one is type C mm! there’s also a HDMI connector and a charging errrrm place! and on the opposite side, we have a security lock connector, in case you want to lock the computer to your desk or something with a wire lock just in case ummm more USB connectors memory card reader port

slot, whatever it’s called then we have volume control, appartently that’s an interesting solution here on the side like this and also the power button is here on the side and, opening the laptop like this, firstly we can fins my fingerprints, naturally the blueish, brushed aluminum look continues throughout the palmrest and kybd bezels a big touchpad interface at the front and keyboard behind it [stating the obvious] no big surprises there, since it’s a laptop after all! [chuckles] the screen is like mentioned, 15,6″ and the bezels are quite thin around it and the outermost layer is very shiny and the bezel is black so at a glance it gives the appearance of being all screen a very uniform look, that is and, the most intriguing feature is this, really like so [folds computer] so when needed you can fold it into quite the sizeable tablet! 15,6″ inches of tablet that you can and it’s not that heavy either so it’s easy to handle and it really fits quite nicely here here well, whatever this part here is called it can comfortably be rested here for ease of use! you can rest it on a table like this or if you prefer you can do this, or and this position is good for bed or sofa chilling, it can be placed on your tummy or more conventionally like this or or like so for easy reading, like a tablet in various positions [demonstrating] any way you like! but, let’s fire it up, shall we! here we have it, all set up and ready, aaand positioned here like this, it really is like any other ultrabook but, we can do this cause it’s a touch screen! you can navigate like, like

like this, using your fingers we can browse like so, fex

jimms webshop aaand, when we want to switch to tablet mode we just do this it asks for confirmation – do you want to engage tablet mode? and yes, we do and that disengages the keys on the back and the machine behaves like a tablet and you can browse the internet, niftily like so and the screen is bright and the text is easy to read good for checking out the digital version of your local newspaper, if you like and also and, if you start feeling creative all of a sudden you can just fire up Paint like this and this stylus was included and using that you can start to doodle something oops, I drew with my finger! let’s draw like this a head, yes! and eye, eye and a mouth and, that’s quite enough, let’s get a brush tool and just put a sun in the corner like so! and a bit of orange glow here that’s one darned fine sun! let’s add some glow to the sun make it very, very pretty, shiny let’s add some grass there! let’s color that grass in a bit like so! what other brushes do we have?? what does this one do? oh, that what’s that? airbrush! and then let’s select the crayon and demonstrate, when we press lightly it draws lightly and as we apply pressure the line changes and becomes more distinct the stylus is pressure-sensitive so it “feels” how much you press and behaves according to that making finer or stronger lines soooo, that’s the type of fun gadget the Asus Flip is! Vivobook Flip and I’m gonna keep drawing my masterpieces and we’re gonna come back with another video next time it’s bye for now!

ASUS Vivobook Flip reviews