Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 vs Redmi Note 5 Pro

Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 vs Redmi Note 5 Pro

Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 vs Redmi Note 5 Pro

the redmi note 5 pro has to be one of our most favorite phones released in 2018 and we actually compare it to a lot of other phones you can see those videos on our youtube channel we compared it to the Oppo f7 the nokia 7 plus the honor 9 light is the who have a p20 light also the real me 1 and the usos n phone max pro m1 4gb ram variant but the redmi note 5 pro stood as the king with the crown on its head but today we have the asus zenfone max pro m16 gb ram variant with improved cameras so well this phone be finally able to dethrone the redmi note 5 pro to become the best smartphone camera under 20 thousand well let’s find out here is sreehari from mr phone and this is our full camera comparison of the redmi note 5 pros vs

the essential max pro m1 before jumping into the video if you haven’t subscribed to our channel I don’t know what the hell you‘re doing because you should do it right now and also click the bell I can write next to it so that you get notified for all these cool tech videos that we put out now before we get into the actual camera comparison I let you take a look at the specifications of the redmi note 5 throw and the uh susan phone max throw em when you can pause the video and take a look at the specs all you want but I’m not gonna wait for you so let’s jump into this comparison now for the beginning of this comparison we’ll start with this wide short the sky was very beautiful and it was a good day to click pictures for this comparison but yes getting into these pictures the first thing I see from a distance is the color of the sky and I’m sure you can see that too now the redmi note 5 pro’s sky definitely looks more saturated and more pleasing to the eyes but the sky in a susan phones picture is very close to the actual color of the sky at the time of shooting what this means is that while redmi note 5 pro goes for a saturated pleasing look the zenfone pushes out a neutral look that a lot of enthusiasts might prefer now zooming in to the top part of the building we see that the redmi note 5 pro has a very bed a noise management here than the a susan phone max pro m1 and while asus has preserved a lot more detail it’s just too noisy for me to pick for all these reasons and the fact that redmi has managed to keep the details in control at most places I’ll pick the redmi note 5 pro as my winner for this one now going into HDR this was definitely a good setting to also test out the HDR capabilities of these phones we read that here things become a little more interesting the redmi note 5 pro like always does a very subtle job and brings the highlights down slightly and doesn’t really go into the shadows that much ozs on the other hand quite honestly goes very strong on the HDR and you can clearly see the difference the highlights were well preserved even without HDR but the shadows have just been brought out so well without looking extremely unnatural so when purely comparing the HDR modes on these two phones i’d pick the a susan phone max pro m1 just because it does what it says improve dynamic range now before taking a portrait I wanted to test out a human subject against such a fairly bright background to see how both these phones would handle it and we have a lovely shot for that and although it might not seem like that it’s very close let me explain the redmi note 5 pro definitely takes a better picture and has been able to expose the background and the subject very well but if you zoom into the picture you will see that

Asus has managed to preserve behave more details than the redmi note 5 pro it just has me excited the radius on the redmi note so I throw a softer in comparison to Asus so before I tell you my winner I have to say that both these images have gotten different parts of the picture right the redmi takes an overall good looking picture exposing all the areas well even without turning on HDR but while the zenfone max pro m1 has blown the background completely out it has gotten the subject of the image which is a very when so for the people who care deeply about details and want a camera to stay true to the natural colors the zenfone is just amazing but the redmi note 5 pro definitely takes a more fluent or b pictures if I may and won’t need much retouching before posting on social media so as a consumer

I pick the redmi note 5 pro but the zenfone is technically more accurate when it comes to shooting regular humans or super humans like a shoddy or portrait mode is an area where even more expensive phones don’t come close to what the redmi note 5 showed us so first let’s examine the subject here similar results to the last picture where at me had a softer image slightly softer image with less details and the us whose embraces with natural colors and more details but a portrait mode picture is defined by the blurring of the background and how well the subject has been identified and differentiated from the background here

Asus has done a good job but it’s just nowhere close to the redmi note 5 froze image the edge detection is spot-on on the redmi note 5 row and so is the quality of the background blur which is again very important the associates bouquet looks very unnatural which is why I have a clear winner here in the redmi note 5 pro coming to selfies if we can get past the V and expression on my face I don’t know what I was looking at but the selfies from both these phones have been done very well but I’m pretty sure that most of you are instantly drawn towards the redmi note 5 prosím and rightly so the colors are pleasing and the image is very well exposed to now the AH Suzanne phone maxpro em when

follows the pattern and takes an equally impressive image just impressive in a different way the zenfone importantly stays very true to the color which is pronounced in my face and especially in the blue color of the t-shirt when we come to the details it’s a very patchy game the redmi note 5 flow has weirdly blotched up details on some parts of the hair which is very weird although the beard has been captured beautifully now while the athos gives us a homogeneous focus on those hairs it’s just not as pleasing or well produced as the redmi note 5 throw which is hence the winner for my selfies so now that we’ve already looked at selfies let’s examine the selfie portrait mode and since I’ve already talked about the selfie quality I’ll only talk about the background blur or bouquet and first talking about that we have to look at edge detection again and I’m impressed by our Seuss’s work here for my selfies redmi is known for its edge detection but ISO has done a very good job just look at the hair strands which is one of the most difficult parts in a selfie portrait and how well it’s been differentiated by Asus also what’s more impressive here is how confident Asus is with its bouquet mode because if you look closely you‘ll realize that their enemy notify pros bouquet start with a light blur and then after a few pixels or so becomes blurry which is a safe way to do it this is how pixel does is is our in Xiaomi has been doing it for a long time and it’s just a safe way to take a portrait mode picture because even if there are a few subjects that have not been differentiated

they’ll still remain somewhere in the light blur area hence not exactly being completely blurred out now the Asus is very aggressive here when it starts the hard blur just as it’s differentiated the subject from the background but that does come with a few glitches that we see here and purely based on this image the redmi note 5 pro is my winner here purely because of its accuracy now looking at some daylight close-up shots a bird’s eye view again show some appearing colors on the redmi note 5 pros picture which also has a bit more contrast which makes it look good although I have to say here that the associate phone max Pro M one’s image is the closest to what it actually look like now zooming in things change quite a bit the Asus zenfone max pro m1 has done a lovely job here enough to take its full name because the colors the individual strands that you can actually see in this image have been dealt with a very well in comparison

the redmi note 5 row hasn’t been really able to handle the color as well and it would generally be understandable considering that these colors are not very easy for smartphone cameras to reproduce but when put up next to the associate own max pro m ones image i just can’t make that argument so this is again a conflict between a true-to-life image and a pleasing social media were the picture that no one would zoom into it was generally becoming more and more difficult to pick a winner but in this case purely because asus has handled the flowers the details the colors in everything very well the assaut cell phone max row m1 is my winner again in this next set of images we have similar results the redmi has clicked the warmer image a puncher image but the assholes just nails the details the white balance the color accuracy and again for daylight close-up shots i’d have to without a doubt picks the ah susan phone max pro m1 over the redmi note 5 pro there are more images that we can go through but all of them speak the same story the ah suzanne phone max pro m1 and the redmi note 5 through are actually handling these images and these pictures in a very different way in a very different approach so these ready

note 5 throw is generally clicking more appealing of pleasing saturated colorful images just like Samsung does like Samsung phones are doing while the ah Susan phone max Pro tries to stay very true to what the actual situation is and hence creating a lot of natural colors this is very close to what a Samsung versus an iPhone fight has always been Samsung has always been creating very punchy colourful pleasing looking images and the iPhone has always stayed true to the colors now the only reason I say this is because the competition has been very tight and it’s been very difficult for me to pick a winner in each of these images but these phones are approaching these pictures and these subjects in a very different way and I just wanted to put it out so now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s take a look at some low light images now let’s take a look at some low-light images now taking a look at some selfies here I have a very clear winner and I think you do too the redmi note 5 flow makes the subject pop even in such low light conditions where the haces in phone max row just struggles these n phone also demonstrates a lot of noise which

the redmi note 5 pro handles quite well and takes this round along with it now both these phones also have front flash that definitely boosts the image a bit they’re slightly more detail and just an overall better image but again the redmi note 5 pro since it had a better image to begin with does a better job in the low light flash area and in low-light selfies and no light selfies would flash the redmi note 5 pro is a clear winner now taking a look at this product shot in extreme low-light I am as surprised as you are because the Asus has just crushed the redmi note 5 throw hear the noise management is spot-on an even swimming and you will appreciate how well the a Susan phone has taken this picture and kept most of it in detail now looking at this low-light wide image I think you can see here again then the redmi note 5 throw is just crushed by the associate for max row because of better noise reduction and a lot more details in the picture but when shooting a low-light image the iso cell phone max throw m1 tends to struggle a bit just to keep focus on it

the redmi note 5 throat doesn’t do that much but basically the image that comes out looks clearly better on the Asus zenfone max pro m1 now moving on to the flash performance however the redmi note 5 throw comes out on top although i’m not fond of taking flash images in low light so if you‘re someone who works in a very dark environment maybe a Batman or Robin or maybe Alfred and you just have to work in a dark cave all the time then the redmi note micro may be better because it has a better flash performance but purely talking about the camera performance the camera sensor we also send phone maxpro takes better low-light images with the back camera now moving towards video this is an area where

the redmi note 5 pro blows diazo zenfone out of the water it’s just more appealing colour reproduction there’s a is with gr so zenfone max pro m1 lacks and the audio 2 is just clearly better on the redmi note 5 throw it’s crispier and records way more volume than a so stirs when it comes to the video redmi note 5 probes is as I said a clear winner how there’s one very specific scenario where the other zenfone might just be the better option and that again is for a very niche crowd but just hear me out since there’s no EIS on

the Asus zenfone max throw the video isn’t crop and you can clearly see when you‘re comparing the video from the others in put max row M 1 and the redmi note 5 throw that the redmi note 5 for video is a little crop in and that’s because the eis has to work now on the asus on the other hand there is no cropping since there’s no e is and you also get very neutral natural colors as asus has been producing for all the images that we saw what this means is that if you‘re someone who’s an enthusiast who takes a lot of videos from his or her smartphone to edit and edits each and every clip and wants full control and wants the image or the video in the most raw form possible the a so then phone max pro m1 is a very good option the redmi note 5 pro applies its color science applies the e is also hence giving a lot of jellying effect at the corners the ah Susan phone max row gives out a very raw video and for someone who likes to edit once full control the ascend phone max pro m1 might just be the phone that you‘re looking for now talking about the selfie video it’s no different than the selfie pictures that you saw the redmi note 5 pro has better audio better video and clearly takes better selfie videos when compared to the iso cellphone max pro m1 so here I have the red denotes I throw and the a Susan con Mac Pro the 60 B reversion and this is to put it from the front camera both these phones I think you can take a look at the stability at the stabilization of both the cameras and the audio quality along with the video quality so please let me know what you thought and I’ll obviously tell me what I think now there’s one thing that I can’t miss here which is the camera experience that a lot of people do miss when they’re doing camera comparisons not us now talking about the camera shooting experience the camera app experience the illusion phone macro m1 severely lacks they use the Snapdragon camera app which is not a very mature app let’s just say and while it has a lot of features it’s just not easy to navigate hence making it quite a hassle the MIUI camera app on the other hand has had years of R&D and the consumer feedback behind it hence making it a very mature of a very stable and reliable camera app and hence a very easy experience having a good camera app is as important as having a good camera hardware and that is something that I very much realized when using the associate own maxpro m1 so this is a place where the redmi note 5 pro has a lot of edge when compared to the associate full macro m1 so now for the conclusion is the associate full max pro M one better than

the redmi note 5 Pro well not really in one word it was tight and easily one of the hardest camera comparisons I ever had to do now that’s because Asus and Xiaomi have worked very hard on the smart phone cameras and that just shows from the pictures and the videos it’s just that they have different approaches now the a Susanville max pro m1 takes true-to-life pictures with very neutral colors the Asus also has a very color accurate display and is probably aiming for enthusiasts out here now the redmi note 5 pro here as a very appealing color science very saturated as pleasing colors on its images although a lot of times Asus takes more details in than

the redmi note 5 pro so as i said it’s tight but my job is to make your life simpler and give you a very simple answer and I shall do that the redmi note 5 pro is for the easy going for the social media above your friend who wants better selfies than any of his friends for the mom and the dad for your sister for your friends who just don’t want to put a lot of effort into their pictures who just want something that you can flaunt to their friends and post on social media and the redmi note 5 pro is the best phone that you can find for that Vyasa zenfone max pro m1 here is for the enthusiast it’s an enthusiast phone all the way around it’s for someone who wants full control over their pictures or their videos it’s

for people for whom the photos in their gallery is just the middle part of the process and they want to take those pictures to the editing table to make it look the way they want and if that’s you this is the phone for you now to pick the winner for this camera comparison I still pick the redmi note 5 throw it’s still the winner it’s still unbeatable and there’s a very good reason for that because when someone comes me and ask me for an advice to buy a phone with a good camera the redmi note 5 probit still be my choice purely because of the accuracy the reliability the good camera app experience and pictures that they would be able to post to social media right there right then basically making it a very consumer centric phone so I guess with that if we come to an end of this camera comparison between the AH Suzanne phone max-flow m16 GB RAM variant and the redmi note 5 pro please let me know what you thought of this comparison in the comment section below also don’t subscribe don’t subscribe me subscribe to our channel and hits of a like and right next to it so that you get notified for all these videos that we put out that’s it for this one thank you so much for watching this is sreehari from Mr Phone and I’ll catch you in the next one

Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 vs Redmi Note 5 Pro