Descarga E Instalación Guiada de LIBREOFICCE || LINUX-WINDOWS-ANDROID

welcome technological community in this video I will show you how to download and install manually the complete libreoffice package in its latest version for systems linux windows android and mac with this set of programs we can perform jobs, presentations, high-quality spreadsheet with a code system open let's start from our Linux terminal We go to the libreoffice page through any of the links in the description of the video skipping a small advertisement select the operating system that we use, download the program with your language pack I do not do it because I already have it downloaded unzip the packages on the desktop we enter the folder of the language pack and we copy these packages to the libreoffice folder we replace the current packages to change the original language of the package Discharged We open the terminal and we give permits Super user We write the following command to perform the installation of the package and we wait for it to end remember that the commands I will leave in the description of this video finished the installation process we closed our finish and looked in LIBREOFFICE menu, we open it to enjoy all its packages and their new updates good now that we will make the package for our windows systems as alternative to the well-known microsoft office that we usually use start, team properties and see if the system is 32 or 64 bist through the libreoffice page, we download the package for Windows on our desktop then we proceed to perform the guided installation following my steps libreoffice was designed by a community of free systems to increase quality feasibility and document handling without the need for a license that we have to buy and so without giving an optimal open source tool to students, workers and everyone in the world using different operating systems, whether proprietary or free Once the installation is finished, we open the program and test it with some document stored in our team if you want to use the libreoffice tool in our ANDROID terminal we must install the APK using the PLAY STORE Well it was a pleasure to make this video for you, I hope it serves you, if you have any doubt or restlessness let me know in the comments, support my channel with your like, if you do not want to miss the next video subscribe and of course keep your company active notification