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Samsung Galaxy S 10 would come with screen perforations 3 Google is already testing android Q 4iphone would remove the stickers from your appstore 5 and we conclude that 2019 will be the year of mobile phones with three cameras and selfie Let's start !! Hello everyone and welcome to a new news broadcast in mobile newsletter where we bring you the most relevant information of the week in terms of technology we started with our first note and that is that Apple announced a cut in the production of their new iphone according to the newspaper the wall street journal where it reports that apple reduced the production of its new models of iphone as they are the iPhone Xs Xs max and even the model so cheaper than is the iphone Xr and all this due to the low demand but is that with those prices, any? remember that Apple does not disseminate sales data of individual models and sales forecasts in the current quarter disappointed investors after which the company announced that will not give more information about device sales per quarter because It does not consider them a representative figure, so from now on will only be based on expert estimates as your competitor does samsung remember that the company started selling its latest generation of phones the iPhone Xs and Xs Max in September and the model Xr in October although we must be realistic because the prices are exaggeratedly high and practically on issues of evolution the only thing they did was a great improvement to your iPhone X or say the economic iphone that the truth is not so economic as it is said let's hope that 2018 finishes to see how do you get them 2019 in sales if you are new here and want to be at so much of what goes on in the world of technology just come by our channel and subscribe here below and activate the notification bell and continuing with mobile counselor news we tell you that it is samsung galaxy s 10 will have two holes or holes in the screen rumors and rumors that is closer and closer to materialize and it's the samsung galaxy s 10 that would be the first terminal without frames of this brand and everything points to that then in times of notch or notch the giant for is to keep in mind drill the screen the panel would have up to two holes since not only the camera should stay on the top of the device the holes will be drilled with laser and the screen would present these holes for infrared sensor and photography camera while the sensors for proximity could be hidden under the screen unlike the notch in form of drop that can invade the small but noticeable portion of the screen the perforation of the panel allows there to be active area bone means pixels useful around said hole providing an experience of even more immersive screen

The main advantage of this panel is that we will not lose significant screen area since we only have perforations and the prolongations that invade it Well, there are already many rumors about a samsung galaxy s 10 without frames and with holes in the screens leaks we've been hearing for days now so we should expect to see the light of this gadget to rule out all these rumors and continuing with more news and the next one comes with google since is testing android that in pixel 3 while android 9 foot does not even reach 1% of the android devices around the world google already seems to be testing the next Q update will be the first version of the system operation of google in having native support for devices foldable and that the google would be working on trying to bring the new version to the maximum number of possible devices without having to resort to manufacturers as intermediaries the tests have already started and that at least A Google Pixel 3 is already running a preliminary edition of the next version of the system this does not mean that we are going to see an early update to android Q but it could mean that google has decided to start Work as soon as possible on the 10th version of your operating system and flipping a little bit the iphone sheet will remove the stickers from your app store this was reported by the portal specialized in this social network that is WABetainfo the decision of apple to eliminate the stickers and packs since according to them are violating the policies of the apple app store argument that would eliminate them because there are many applications with a behavior similar this means that when the applications published in the app store they must work without requiring the installation of others and the design of applications turned out to be the same or if I have an application for example whatsapp and for the stickers to work I must download another application so it does not go directly from the app for that reason apple indicates that this should work whatsapp so that it is not necessary to go applications third but directly where the modifications should work good apparently developers must work on the applications originals so they can update the news and we finalized this emission with which 2019 will be the year of mobiles with three selfies cameras this year we saw that the notch was the most used section but it seems that next year this would have to disappear and so we have seen through the rumors the big brands study the possibility in other ways as it is the full screen or implement holes or perforations on the screen for the camera or what is expected to be folding phones a new trend that seems to come the next year will be the triple selfie cameras and so far it has revealed a new smartphone of the Chinese brand meitu to which would consist or which would have the three cameras for the selfie would come with 20 12 and 8 megapixel lenses that would be special for this type of shots although the configuration in its main chambers would have two sensors of 12 and 8 accompanied by a double flash in terms of its specifications and features the meitu mp 1801 with which he was baptized will have a screen oled from 6 to 24 inches resolution full hd + or plus a set octa-core chips inside 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of internal storage a battery or autonomy of 3400 milliamps the reader of fingerprints on the physical button of home or be it would keep a button physical and would dispense with a headphone jack at the moment we must wait for the meitu to be announced officially and pronounce itself by what the three cameras in the front of this new gadget good friends thank you for joining us in a more news video we expected that you take a tour of our channel and find out everything we have for you subscribe to that yes my name is julián and we will be seeing in the next chau chau