ASUS ZenBook UX410 Review Specs

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ASUS ZenBook UX410 Review Specs

We feel like it’s been quite a long time since we reviewed a notebook After reviewing the Rp 95 million ROG GX800 notebook two months ago, now we’re back with ASUS latest notebook, UX410

UX410 has just been brought to Indonesia in mid-June 2017 This notebook is included in the ZenBook family line, which means the design is premium guaranteed Most of the body is made of aluminum So besides looking luxurious, it is also sturdy On the front, there is a signature of ASUS’ Zen style where there is a circular sparkle pattern

ASUS ZenBook UX410 Review Specs
ASUS ZenBook UX410 Review Specs

There are 2 choices of color, namely rose gold and silver Gold is suitable for female users, and silver is suitable for male users If we see it, ZenBook UX410 is quite thin with a thickness of 19 cm But if compared to ZenBook 3 UX390 or New MacBook, it is certainly thicker

Is this a drawback? Certainly not Because with a slightly thicker body, UX410 offers more ports There are audio jack, 2 USB 20, 1 USB C, HDMI port, and SD card slot A line of this port would be easier for everyday use

Now let’s open to see the keyboard, touchpad, and screen ZenBook UX410 keyboard layout is still similar to other ZenBook series It is a chiclet type of keyboard, equipped with LED backlight The touchpad dimension is 73 x 10

ASUS ZenBook UX410 Review Specs

4 cm, which means relatively large for a 14-inch notebook The feeling of touching it is quite comfortable and responsive More about the screen, UX410 is equipped with LED panels, stretched along 14 inches The resolution is Full HD So, what is displayed on the screen, especially text or writing, is not too small

Well what makes us really like the screen is a 6 mm thin bezel and matte layer In addition to being good looking, it also helps make the overall body dimensions look like a 13-inch notebook The quality of the screen also meets our expectations UX410 screen has 72% color gamut, 100% sRGB, 178 degrees viewing angle, and a layer of matte that does not bounce So this notebook is very cool for watching and editing video Well, talking about video editing, this UX410 is created for that

ASUS itself claims UX410 as a notebook suitable for content creators or for productivity; for example, YouTuber, designers, music composers, and other similar professions Do not expect to smoothly play the latest games using this notebook To support productivity needs, such as video editing, UX410 relies on Intel Core i7-7500U chipset with maximum clockspeed of 35 GHz Actually, this chipset is integrated with GPU Intel HD Graphics 620

But fortunately, ASUS combined it with GPU NVIDIA GeForce 940MX which is certainly more powerful for video editing If you want to know its benchmark score, we have already provided it in the description section During daily usage, we feel the loading process feels fast, including for booting This is due to the use of combined storage of SSD128 GB for the system and 1 TB hard drive to store data The RAM capacity is also huge, which is 8 GB

We can still increase the capacity because there are still two slots of RAM provided Moreover, for other multimedia purposes such as watching, UX410 is also equipped with Harman Kardon’s audio Quality-wise is, again, still below ZenBook 3 UX390, which also uses Harman Kardon’s speakers But we are sure that you also will not be disappointed with the sound produced by this UX410 speakers that sound very detailed In Indonesia, you can have ZenBook UX410 for Rp15, 8 million

That much money would be exchanged with this stylish and elegant notebook, that is equipped with middle to top class specification This notebook is very feasible to support the productivity of content creators The main deficiency is its limited gaming abilities

It is just okay to play online games, like DOTA 2