ASUS Zenfone 5Q ZC600KL Review 2019

ASUS Zenfone 5Q ZC600KL Review 2019

ASUS Zenfone 5Q ZC600KL Review 2019

This ASUS smartphone is indeed almost unheard of You could say less popular with the MaxPro M1 or Zenfone 5, Zenfone duo which when the first release, was very hard to find on the market at a reasonable price

ASUS Zenfone 5Q ZC600KL Review 2019
ASUS Zenfone 5Q ZC600KL Review 2019

Unlike the ghoib Zenfone duo, this one Zenfone series it is even easier to buy and is equipped with specs that are not less handsome Carry 4 cameras at once, Is this ASUS Zenfone worth buying? I’m Arya from GadgetGaul, and here is a review of the ASUS Zenfone 5Q Okay, before starting the review, for Gadgets who just played on this channel, can click the Subscribe button and click the bell button, yeah Let me always get notifications, if there is a new video from us Yes, out there, Zenfone 5Q is also known as Zenfone 5 Lite

Even though it is said to be the Lite version of Zenfone 5, the Zenfone 5Q body has a premium design, with a combination of glass material and solid metal frames The glossy body surface does seem luxurious and attract attention, but keep in mind, this glass material is very vulnerable fingerprints and scratches Yes, especially for the Midnight Black color variant which is indeed easier to get dirty Well, if you are lazy to go back and forth and to be more protected from collisions, you should just install the default jelly case Interestingly, the Zenfone 5Q has supported triple SIM slots which allows to install two SIM cards plus a MicroSD at a time without having to share a place

But what I am a little less like is the audio jack port on the top side, if you just listen to music while playing a smartphone, the cable often bends and this actually breaks down quickly Well, it’s just my experience, do you also have the same experience? Apart from that, this Zenfone 5Q has dimensions that are fairly compact in hand, even though the screen is jumbo Yak, thank you screen ratio 18: 9! With the dominance of the screen on the front, all navigation buttons move on the screen and leaving a chin that is still pretty thick Oh yeah, make an unusual one using the back button on the left, can be changed how the layout, adjust the taste But unfortunately, this 2

5D screen was apparently not protected strong glass of Corning Gorilla Glass Yes, for the Zenfone 5 line, it’s only Zenfone 5 and 5Z Zenfone the Gorilla screen However, during the use of these two weeks, the screen is still fine even though several times hit the table and often stored in a bag together with a motorcycle lock and also a metal coin But just in case, there’s nothing wrong with it use a screen protector or tempered glass If it’s broken, there’s regret at the end right? Unlike the older brother, Zenfone 5Q is present without bangs aka Notch

The IPS LCD screen measures 6 “with Full HD + resolution and have rounded corners The display itself is sharp enough because of the high pixel density at 403 ppi When used in the hot sun, this screen is still very tight and has a fairly good color reproduction Even though it looks pretty, I can’t find the ASUS typical Splendid smartphone mode to adjust the color and saturation of the screen Luckily there is still a Blue Light Filter, yeah

even if it’s only limited to setting the filter level Apart from the absence of color mode, capacitive touch screen on Zenfone 5Q it’s very responsive Scroll-scroll pages or just feed feeds on the IG, screen performance that supports 10 touch points is quite satisfying

Plus the surface is soft because it has been coated with oleopobhic coating which doesn’t easily leave fingerprints Smooth the touch screen of this Smartphone certainly not separated from the role of ZenUI software which is getting lighter here But this Zenfone 5Q is really awful? when the latest ASUS smartphone is already using ZenUI version 50 based on Android Oreo, Zenfone 5Q still hasn’t moved on from ZenUI 40 which is still based on Android Nougat 7

1 Yeah it doesn’t matter, actually, I’ll get the Oreo update going forward

In addition, ZenUI version 40 features are not much different from the latest version There are Twin Apps for cloning social media applications, so you can run 2 accounts in the same application, Then, there is a Page Marker for downloading web pages and can be read back when offline Game Genie for streaming games that are being played on YouTube or Twitch, Optiflex which allows to open applications faster up to the Zenmotion feature with a gesture mode to call a specific menu from the screen off position Other special features of Android Nougat like Split Screen can also be used on Zenfone 5Q and this 18: 9 screen ratio does make the two-screen multi-tasking mode feel more spacious

YouTube streaming while scrolling the Twitter timeline or while reading the GadgetGaul blog can be done simultaneously without any annoying lag Yes, I almost never encountered lag when running a lot of multi-tasking processes on Zenfone 5Q Well it’s only natural, the RAM itself is 4GB with an average free space that is still above 1GB However, because you haven’t used Android Oreo, here you can’t use Picture in Picture mode But what’s interesting, the notification dots feature is made Access shortcuts directly from the application icon can actually Oh yeah, the Android Oreo update for the Zenfone 5Q is planned for the third quarter of 2018 and since it was first activated until this video was published, there are only two software updates to improve system stability and also camera bug patches Speaking of cameras, one thing Zenfone 5 doesn’t have but precisely on the Zenfone 5Q are two cameras in front

Yes, if in total with a rear camera, this smartphone has 4 cameras Does the camera have more impact on better results? Let’s review more here Although it doesn’t position itself as a selfie smartphone, dual front camera specs Zenfone 5Q can not be underestimated The main front camera sensor uses Sony IMX376 sensor with a resolution that is not awkward, which is 20MP! This selfie camera is also equipped with HDR features and 10 face beauty levels The result in outdoor is quite promising, the details can be and the color is more pop up

But in some conditions, this selfie camera is somewhat less consistent, sometimes selfies appear over-exposed because of the unstable white balance In lowlight conditions, the performance of this front camera starts to decline, there are some grainy effects and noise that is rather disturbing to the view However, it can be overcome by turning on the LED Flash in front the light is soft enough on the face Following the trend of the current selfie, the front camera of the Zenfone 5Q is also equipped Portrait Mode to give a cute bokeh effect when selfie When using Portrait Mode, it takes around 2-3 seconds in the shutter process and try not to move so the results don’t shake

BTW, the results of the bokeh are not too high and the level of neatness can still be tolerated Well, for those who like to vlog, the Beauty Live mode is typical of ASUS smartphones integrated in Selfie Master can also be used here Yaa if you can’t be cute in the real world, it looks interesting in that virtual world okay, right? However, what makes the dual front camera of the Zenfone 5Q different from the others is a 120 degree wide angle capability from the 8MP secondary camera sensor Yes, with a wide angle sensor, it allows you to have lots of photos with relief, because of the wider angle Or if you want your own photo, yeah at least to show off the scenery photo background behind Photos in wide angle mode do look darker compared to normal mode Yes, because besides different resolutions, this secondary camera sensor only have f / 24 lens openings The sensor itself is also different, for this Zenfone 5Q wide angle selfie using the OmniVision sensor, to be precise OV8856

Clearly can not be equated color and sharpness with a 20MP main sensor that uses Sony sensors Then, what about the back camera? Both are equipped with two cameras, but with a lower resolution of 16 + 8MP In addition to the downgrade at resolution, neither of them used Sony sensors The 16MP main sensor is OmniVision based with code 16880, with f / 22 lens openings, while the 8MP secondary sensor has the exact same configuration with a secondary camera sensor in front, Yes, it can be a wide angle of 120 degrees

BTW, this rear camera uses PDAF autofocus, fast shutter button, HDR, the same portrait mode as the front camera and no less important is the Pro Mode Starting from ISO up to 3200, the shutter speed is up to 32 seconds, white balance and also exposure, you can tweak it here according to taste Well, for daily snapshots, this Zenfone 5Q camera is more than enough In outdoor, the autofocus is very fast locking objects, so does the shutter button which is equally responsive Even though it doesn’t use Sony sensors, the results aren’t really bad

The 16MP camera sensor has a fairly good color reproduction, and the results are also no less sharp With auto mode, the photos can be juxtaposed with other 3 million smartphone cameras, for example Honor 7X Indeed, the results of the photos using the Zenfone 5Q camera are not as tight as those on the Honor 7X, but isn’t the result more natural and what it is, and not fake like your ex’s sweet promise? The wide angle mode on the rear camera is one of the added values ​​to expand the angle of the photo, yes, although it still loses in terms of color reproduction, detail and also dynamic range from normal mode This wide angle sensor does have a special designation for outdoor photos ala action camera However, even though the field angle is wide, the wide angle camera is 120 degrees on this smartphone will not make objects in photos look “stretchy” due to distortion, as is commonly found on wide angle action camera lenses

ASUS Zenfone 5Q ZC600KL Review 2019

Well, to capture the moving moments of video aliases, the rear camera of the Zenfone 5Q offers more choices with maximum resolution at 4K, 30 fps Can use Full HD which is 60 fps, but I am somewhat disappointed with the results Don’t know why, the autofocus when recording video is a mess and sometimes dark sometimes bright If this is a bug, hopefully the next software update can be fixed Because actually this camera is cute and has been equipped with an EIS for more stable results

In addition, you can also capture time-lapsed videos and slow motion to use this smartphone Okay, now I am testing the ASUS Zenfone 5Q front camera for vlogging Yes, the front camera of this smartphone can record video with a maximum resolution of Full HD You can even use this more smooth 60 fps What do you think the results are? In the hardware sector, the Zenfone 5Q is powered by the Snapdragon 630 runway, Qualcomm-made chipset which is one generation below 636 Even though it has a higher clockspeed at 2

2 GHz and is equally 14nm, Snapdragon 630 is still losing to 636 Yes, the 8-core Snapdragon 630 hasn’t used custom core Kyro configuration yet, but it’s still based on Cortex A53, similar to Qualcomm’s on Snapdragon 625 So, it’s already answered, why is the benchmark score so different? Apart from that, Zenfone 5Q‘s performance for standard needs already more than enough Open the app lid feels more rushed with the Optiflex feature, but only limited to 3 applications that you want to speed up Or it can be set automatically any application that needs speed up based on the frequency of use

With the Adreno 508 graphics engine, this Zenfone 5Q still lifts up play games with HD graphics, starting from the Asphalt Extreme racing game with a myriad of visual effects that make the eyes fresh Then there is the MOBA game, the graphics are pretty like AoV, set to 60 fps can still be handled properly until the battle royal game is getting crowded with players, especially if it’s not PUBG Mobile Especially for PUBG Mobile, this Zenfone 5Q hardware spec recommended for low set charts for the convenience of playing Yes indeed, if it is forced into the medium still feels there is a shutter lag when more action in the game Play the Creative Destruction as well, not as smooth as playing on the cellphone with Snapdragon 636, though actually, the lag arises not to interfere with the game Although using a glass body, thermal management on this smartphone is also okay Playing PUBG Mobile for more than 30 minutes, the average temperature of smartphones is still safe below 40 degrees Celsius with hot spots which collects on the upper side

Yes, the matter of sensors and connectivity, this Zenfone 5Q is indeed a complete package Standard cellphone sensors now, starting from the accelerometer until the gyroscope is present, then the biometric sensor starts from fingerprint and face unlock are also available This biometric sensor responsiveness is not the fastest in its class, but I still prefer to use fingers instead of faces to unlock smartphones, considering that ASUS unlock face, especially for 3 million smartphones down still slow, especially when used in dim conditions The NFC feature on Zenfone 5 is also still maintained for this lite version Located behind, this sensor is quite fast reading balance information on your electronic money

Just stick it Well, to run the best features before, the ASUS Zenfone 5Q is equipped with 3300 mAh Lithium Ion battery In theory, the battery’s durability can be relied on all day, but it seems impossible for me who every day can not be separated from online activities and also playing games, which are both very wasteful of consuming batteries With such extreme usage patterns, this battery only lasts 8 hours when viewed in the Battery Usage setting The screen on time itself is still a safe limit of more than 5 hours

The results of the benchmark battery on PC Mark are also not much different, translucent at 9 hours I myself use a single 4G SIM and the screen brightness is set at 50% So, this number can vary depending on the pattern of use of the smartphone as well To refill from 9% to full, it takes almost 3 hours Charger defaults that still use MicroUSB is indeed not the Fast Charging type, although in hardware, this smartphone is supported by Quick Charge 4

0 Okay, so the conclusion is, which ASUS Zenfone 5Q is better suited for? If you chase high benchmark scores, screens that use bangs, and long-lasting batteries all day long, immediately cross this smartphone off the list Maybe the market is not suitable for you Looking at the qualified front camera spec, it’s not wrong for this smartphone suitable for selfie fans and wefies Supports 120 degree ultrawide angle, both front and rear cameras, certainly be a plus in itself, especially for those of you who are hobbies snap the scenery with a wide angle

Quad camera is not a mere gimmick because a wide angle sensor will definitely wear later In the mid-range class, the ASUS Zenfone 5Q is a near package complete and current Almost because it’s not as perfect as I imagined I hope the poor Face Unlock feature and the result of this messy video camera can work more optimally through software updates periodically released by ASUS Yes, regardless of all that, this smartphone is not noisy like two siblings, and can be bought without having to fight in Flash Sale

Cheap or expensive? Everything is back again tastes, needs and certainly your budjet Okay, some of the ASUS Zenfone 5Q video reviews To check the complete spec and link to purchase this smartphone, You can check the link in the description column below this video Click Like if you like this video, and don’t forget to Subscribe to GadgetGaul channel, so you don’t miss if there are unboxing videos, hands-on or review our latest gadget I am Arya from GadgetGaul, resigned, until I meet in the next video

ASUS Zenfone 5Q ZC600KL Review 2019