#Design – 2 editores de vídeo pra Android

What do I have to explain? Oh, okay, I know! Wow, are you filming me already? I'm here to tell you something, for those who love to film and then edit and retouch what was filmed Are you passionate about editing? How wonderful! But, there is a however, You do not have a notebook Or the notebook is broken or too slow

And now, how do I edit the videos? Calm We have a solution, there are two applications that you can download to your phone and is compatible with Android This is Android If your phone has Android, great! What are these two app that will help you edit videos on your own phone Want to know what the app is? Comes Look

This app is world famous because it is widely used And what functions does it have? Can cut pieces of movies in the timeline, cut, retouch and join Can cut parts of videos which will not be used As the example I am giving, and you can cut when the person stop talking Do you only have these functions? No, there's more! After shooting something in motion, you have the option to select the speed of video transmission, being able to stay in slow motion, using the slow motion function Just as you can let the fast-paced movie

It also has effects, which is the Fx, and these functions are all free, can add effects, darken or lighten, Wow And totally free! I'll show you the app ad Saw? Can make movies in Full HD or 4K Wow, that's the maximum resolution! Wow It looks like real movies After filming on the phone itself, just open the app and edit to the point of turning a movie

Wow, what a top! Enjoy to download to your mobile phone and start editing using resources Saw? What is the second app? See there Look It's KineMaster You can also use this app is also well known and is the most downloaded by users Did you know that you can edit in the timeline of the video, making layers, you can cut, change the parts and touch up

We also have effects, like the Fx giving to change the colors being warmer or more vivid And there are transitions too Look, you know the Chroma Key, the green background to be able to change? And you can do it! You can work with him I'll show you what functions that the app has

And now I'm going to show the app's advertisement Saw? In the app you can make transitions, which scans the first scene to the next and various other things Can share directly on Facebook or Youtube That Cool! Saw? No need to wait for a new notebook Or wait for payment, none of it

You can do it on your cell phone Get your cell phone and edit on time with the app that I showed Choose one of them This one or this one Download one of them first to try and train until you learn to move

And then lower the other and do the same thing And then you see which which is identified more Whether it's Powerdirector or Kinemaster, see which one suits you best To download the app, you have in the link in the description below Click on it and the links will appear to download these apps

Look, click the YouTube button to activate the notifications that that our channel post something, you will know! Sign up for our Youtube channel, if you have not yet signed up, please, Go there and sign up! Oh, and also see our page from Facebook, please To increase our visibility and we can release our videos Short, okay? It's simple to do, just enjoy these three I hope we have helped you, Enjoy and download both app Go there

Goodbye Translation: Renata Lé