How To Download Visual Basic 6.0 Professional In Windows 10, 8, 7

Hi friends! I’m Yash and you are watching Programming Guru In today’s video we download and install Visual Basic 60 Professional For my Windows 10 PC

In the similar way you can install it on windows 7 and 8 Why don’t you press that red Subscribe butt
on with that bell icon to get notified everytime I upload a new video! Let’s begin this video before
that you can turn up the quality as this video is in Full HD So, this is our setup file It’s link i
s in the description You have to extract this ZIP file It would take time according to your PC After
extraction you will get this Folder with the name Visual Basic 60 Professional Open that folder and
search Setup file having this icon Click on it Press Next This is its agreement you don’t need to d
o anything Click on I accept the agreement and click on Next Here we need to enter Product ID You wi
ll find this Product ID in the extracted folder with the name VB 6 serial which would be a text file
Open the file and copy the latter part and remember the first 3 digits which is 491 Now type 491 an
d then paste the copied no Enter any name here Click on Next Select Install VB 6 Professional and cl
ick Next this is the location where our VB will be saved you can change it, if you want I’ll leave i
t default and press Next Continue OK You can choose Typical if you want but I’ll go with Custom If T
ypical gives you any sort of error then you can install Custom We need to check Microsoft Visual Bas
ic ActiveX Data Access Professional Features & Tools Graphics and uncheck Tools Now click on Data Ac
cess & click on Change Option Click on ADO, RDS & and click on Change option Now uncheck ADO and RDS
then press OK Press OK on the bottom Press Continue Now it has started Installing I have fast forwa
rded it as it would take time We have to Restart Windows to complete the Installation After restarti
ng this window will appear uncheck Install MSDN Click on Next Click Yes Next Uncheck Register Now Cl
ick on Finish Now VB has Installed There is no icon on the Desktop Now there are two ways to start V
isual Basic First is to go Start bar and search Visual Basic And click on it If you can’t find it he
re, it could be that it hasn’t been installed and you have to check further in control panel As VB 6
started now I’ll show you the second way to do this To bring the icon to the desktop go to C: drive
where it has been installed then into Program Files (x86) then Visual Basic Studio now goto VB98 Se
arch VB6 right click on it and Copy it Go to desktop and right click and Paste Shortcut be careful t
o do paste shortcut only not paste Now as VB6 is working let’s test a program on it, is it working o
r not I took a Command button double click on it to open its coding part lets print something on cli
ck event of button Run the program Click on Command Button So its showing VB 60 is working! It mean
its working perfect! Let’s close it If your Visual Basics is still not installing then you can go to
extracted folder Go to setup Right click on it and try to Run as Administrator or Troubleshoot comp
atibility Try Recommended settings click on Test the program as you click, it would start the setup
and you have to follow the same steps to install it as shown in the starting of this video then it w
ould work! Now we can delete these two setup files If you are still facing any problem then you can
ask me in the comments I’ll definitely help you there : ) You will find the setup link in the descri
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