2018 VGA To HDMI Cable TV Converter / Adapter To HDTV Projector BIG SCREEN

hey ! brother brother so sad

my laptop don't have HDMI port

what should I do now I need badly HD display lah Nah this is the solution I will show you how to use it this one is my HDMI extension cable from TV and this one is a VGA to HDMI converter right now, I plug in HDMI cable to this converter and then plug into laptop's VGA output ai why ? there is still no display on our TV Why ? because we need power supply for this converter Plug in micro USB power cable to this VGA to HDMI converter andget the power from laptops USB port Okay , right now you can see picture display on TV let's play some music from laptop yes , you can hear the music but it is from laptop speaker not from TV so you need to playing audio cable to these laptops audio socket andanother end plug into the converter hmmm that's the way to set up don't need driver, all plug and play from now on you can watch YouTube video on TV and enjoy video together with your family in front of TV this converter also widely used by student in college or a meeting room you can use this converter to show your PowerPoint presentation display direct to big screen or display to projector although output is from VGA but the display still very sharp and clear

Source: Youtube