*ALERT NO BUONO* Jiqu Adattatore da USB 3.0 a HDMI e VGA, Dual Display per Windows 7/8/10 1080P

Hi, I'm Marco I wanted to show you this usb vga usb 3 usb adapter that does not it works at least for me has these problems come and see then the adapter is this here can be attacked both as vga is like hdmi it has the two hdmi and vga ports and now it is connected to this my old monitor of the olidata is not that what I wanted to do was use this monitor for dslr hdmi as a monitor third

this is my setup and I wanted to to have the third monitor, but not there it succeeds because because if I connect one any port on the usb adapter I get a clone (of the 1st monitor) and that's it Come with me to see if instead of this I connect vga monitor with my old one adapter from vga to hdmi [Music] ok in this case [Music] is a separate monitor (independent) identifies (monitor) 1 and (monitor) 2 old adapter (* new! Jiqu usb) hdmi cable [Music] USB port and what happened is that has cloned (the 1st monitor) the third monitor is a clone of the first monitor of the second remains valid now I try to use this adapter with one output and two inputs or this adapter with two inputs and a selectable output (hdmi switch) I connect first this external normal monitor e then my little monitor and see what happens if the switch remains (works) so this is the switch this is the output line I put it in the switch e it becomes its entrance and here the 2 exits this is now selected and it works because here now gives me 1 2 3 (monitor) 1 2 and 3 and it works if I switcho i mean it [Music] good it works ok now it works we have 1 2 and 3 but if I go directly from here to here (from usb to monitor adapter, without switch) [Music] this one it's a clone so the only way is 1 2 3 (1 ^ 2 ^ and 3 ^ monitor) with the switch it works but from here (usb jiqu adapter) I go directly here (monitor) it is cloned [ after some tests

] elia and now it goes therefore I do not know what it must be done in what seems necessary press the "detect" button if you do "detect" when it is not connected connect from off, turn it on "detect" seems to work to do (see how) three monitors I hope this video has been served I did and if I have to tell the truth I do not I recommend this adapter (jiqu usb vga hdmi) It seems very complicated to do work now I wrote to the assistance and I will write then updating the review if assistance finds me a solution so keep watching (the review) [in the description the best adapters] [from USB to VGA and HDMI]

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