ASUS ROG Mothership PC for Gamers

ASUS ROG Mothership PC for Gamers

What’s it all about? Well I’m gonna tell you next Stay tuned (upbeat techno music) At first blush, when you look at this thing, you’re thinking it’s a giant laptop In fact, it’s 17-inch laptop And that is some of the origins of this device, except I’m not gonna lift the lid here, instead what I’m going to do is, I’m going to press down and actually shoot that kickstand out, and now it is gonna be a full desktop PC

ASUS ROG Mothership  PC for Gamers
ASUS ROG Mothership PC for GamersASUS ROG Mothership PC for Gamers

Okay now, one of the reason why ASUS is doing this, is what they found is typically when you take a laptop and switch it around you get better ventilation and that’s sort of the theory here You have all the computer components behind the display and that allows better ventilation so you get very good performance out of this, even compared to their top of the line gaming laptops This opens up all sorts of new possibilities, including this unique keyboard So this keyboard design kinda looks like the Zephyrus a little bit, you still have the trackpad here, this regular keyboard with its own lighting But this is where it’s gonna change, you can pull this keyboard off now and flip it around and use it this way, and that’s because this keyboard has three different ways of connecting to it

You have the pogo pins, which we were just using for direct connection, but it also has a 24 gigahertz wireless connection, or you can use a USB type-C And if you don’t even want to use this keyboard at your desk you can just plug in any regular keyboard to it and use it that way So just all sorts of configuration options available Now because of the new design abilities here, they do have four speakers here in the front, each powered with separate amps

Looking at the display, we’re talking 17-inch, full HD, 144 hertz, G-Sync ability Now to look at the top here, you do have a regular webcam place there as well as Windows Hello Facial Recognition Support Look at the input/output stuff, you do have full SD card slot, along with a USB-A, HDMI, and of course the power, as well as USB type-C with Thunderbolt 3 support Turn to the left hand side, again USB type-A, another type-C, full Ethernet port, and two more USB type-A ports Now when it comes to power and performance, well you have a lot of options here

It does go to a core I7-8750H, you’re going to have that NVIDIA RTX-2080 GPU and it should perform very well considering the configuration and its device You can go up to 64GB of RAM if you want to, although, it comes configured with 24GB It is all user accessible and when it comes to SSD, well again it gets really unique You can have 3 SSDs in this thing, all gonna be M-2-PCIE-NVME and two of them are actually bridged right to the CPU and that gives you a lot more bandwidth The performance on this is supposed to be 8 gigabits per second for transfer rate; its gonna be one of the fastest raid zero systems you can build on a PC

It’s really incredible and we’ll have to put it though its paces Alright, so there’s a quick look at the Mothership, one of the most unique PCs we’ve seen here at CES 2019 Leave me a comment below, tell me what you think Is this something you’re gonna wanna pick up yourself? Now if you’re wondering about pricing and availability, well we don’t quite have that information yet, but it won’t be too long and it probably won’t be cheap either, but hey, we all can aspire to something Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe