Prueba de adaptador HDMI a VGA GEFORCE GTX 750 TI

hello , everyone my name is maximiliano adrian sosa and obviously they are wondering for computer users, On the subject of the adapters HDMI INPUT adapters for VGA monitors Well today I'm going to show you if they work or not well, go as you will see this is the monitor the maximum resolution it has is 1366×768 pixels right now it is in resolution 1920×1080 thanks to the super resolution that NVIDIA has as you will see this is the adapter that I am mentioning this carries the audio cable for the HDMI too very well, go let's go back good as you will see this cable is just from the monitor is connected to the video board the one I have now is a GEFORCE GTX 750 TI now let's disconnect very good now the screen is off well now we start to connect very well it is well connected so that it works we connect this audio cable ok now that's the HDMI input that we're going to connect all right we check if as you will see the adapter works if they ask is at the maximum resolution of the monitor that is just 768p how do you see there now if I try to put a higher resolution for example 1920×1080 now it's going to put the input signal out of limits, which goes beyond the resolution it has very well I hope you liked it and if you want and liked it you can subscribe to my channel and there are more videos if you are interested in having a good day

Source: Youtube